1999 Ford F 150 truck

There are two things that may be going wrong with my truck. (1) when I press the GAS PEDDLE or the BRAKE PEDDLE,, my truck turns off. (2) My extra water tank looks like thick cappuccino/coffee,, like if theres OIL in it. what can be these problems,, and how /what may I do to REPAIR them?


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  1. The first thing I would look at would be under the dash at the pedal assembly. It seems to me that there may be a wiring harness or wires being effected by the pedal movement.

    Couple of reasons for the overflow to look this way. One reason could be if someone has added a container of radiator stop leak. Bars Stop Leak comes to mind as one that can cause the color change. Another reason can be from contamination and condensation. When the engine is cold, look in the radiator and note the color. If it is nice and clean looking. Just flush out your overflow and keep an eye on it. It may be a good idea to check to see if your transmission fluid level isn’t low. It is possible for transmission fluid to contaminate the cooling system if the radiator leaks internally. Fortunately the transmission has more pressure than the cooling system so there is no worry of coolant getting into the transmission usually.

    Post back your findings in the comments below.

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