2005 pontiac sunfire

Had noise in the front end that was a wheel bearing. According to all suggestions changed the passenger side because the noise was worse when I turned to the left. Still have the noise exactly the same. Could this be one of those times when the test defies logic and it actually is the drivers side that is bad. No clicking so I don’t think it is CV joint.


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  1. Most common failure part would be the hub bearing. Best way I have found to test for a bad hub bearing is during a test drive. Drive at a slow speed (10 mph) with the windows down and swerve slowly back and forth. If you hear the noise changing while doing so, You have a bad hub bearing. Now that you know one is bad, put it up on jack stands and grab hold of the tires and try and wiggle it from side to side. Sometimes you get lucky and there is enough play to be able to feel it loose. Generally if one side is bad, the other isn’t far behind as it has seen the same mileage as the other. I recommend replacing both at the same time.

    How to Replace a HUB BEARING

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