2001 ford escape

I have a 2001 ford escape. We went to town a couple of days ago. The transmission (automatic) started shifting kind of funny while going down the interstate at 65 mph. we took first exit and got out and transmission fluid was pouring from under the suv. we towed the escape home and started looking for the problem. I saw the intercooler line had come loose from the radiator and drained the transmission. we replaced the line and refilled the trans. now al the gears are messed up. Park, the vehicle lunges forward for a split second. there is no reverse. Neutral the vehicle moves forward like its in drive. and the drive gears are as usual, but with very little power. we replaced the neutral safety switch and still nothing. any ideas? can this be fixed, or does tranny need a rebuild or replace?


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  1. If the fluid level is full(when engine is running and setting on a flat surface) then you are certainly looking at some internal damage. You may be able to have the transmission rebuilt at a fraction of the cost of a new or re manufactured one but it may cost you later. The transmission is only as good as the warranty that comes with it.

    I have found that many transmission rebuild shops will only warranty the part that they replace inside the transmission so the rest of it is not touched and or covered under the warranty that comes with it.

    My shop would recommend a Jasper transmission as the entire transmission is covered and even the labor if something should ever happen.

    Of course if you are just going to sell it, you may want to go the cheaper route, but long term the Jasper Re manufactured transmission would be the way to go.

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