2001 Hyundai Accent 3dr GS

Hi so i own a 2001 Hyundai accent and i recently had to get my starter replaced. The shop recommended i put a direct drive starter as its cheaper and according to him more durable(as i researched this i found he was wrong about the durability) but anyway, When talking to the front desk as i was picking up my vehicle i was told that the starter was replaced however there is now a loud rattling/grinding noise when the engine runs and it wont go away. On start-up it also makes this whine/screech. None of these noises were ever remotely present before they got a hold of my vehicle. The mechanic actually informed me of the noise and offered to find out what it is, but for $60-$130. I’m curious what might be causing this noise and if I should find someone else to help, if i can do a quick fix myself or go back to the shop that did the work and demand they fix what they broke(if they broke anything). Its quite astonishing that a CAA approved shop would do work on my vehicle only to cause another issue and then try to charge me to figure out what they did wrong. any help would be greatly appreciated.