Jan 262015

I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonata that when I drive it I hear a thumping noise. One person has suggested that it is a tire and another has said maybe a wheel bearing. I hope that I can get a perfessional assesment on this problem.

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  1. In general a hub bearing will make more of a grinding noise and the pitch will change when turn the steering wheel from side to side at lower speeds.
    A bad spot on a tire and even sometimes in extreme cold weather the tire will create a thump noise.

    How to Diagnose a Noise

    How to Replace a Hub Bearing

  2. I changed all four tires and I still have this noise in the front. Any other ideas.

  3. How to Diagnose a Noise <-- excellent instructions on how to diagnose a noise yourself. Determine when the noise happens. Put front end on jack stands so that you can simulate driving with the wheels free of obstruction. Test it and see if you can still hear the noise, if so you now know for certain it is in the rotating drive-line. If no know, you need to check suspension and or brakes. While it is in the air, grab the tire and push and pull to see if you can feel any play in the hub bearing.

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