2000 Honda Civic

I believe my car needs an alignment but a couple weeks ago i slightly lost control and it swerved a little bit out of no where. I think something might be wrong with the driver front wheel, maybe the axel? i don’t know much about cars unfortunately. When i turn it slightly loses control still and I’m afraid to drive it until i know the issue


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  1. If it has been wrecked, you need an alignment or if front end parts have been replaced it will need an alignment. Other than that, no alignment is needed.

    What is needed is to determine what is going wrong here. Best to jack car up and grab the wheel and see if it will move from side to side(loose) and determine what is damaged if anything. It is possible that a hub bearing is failing but is usually accompanied by a noise when turning especially at low speeds. Replacing the hub bearings would fix this if it is the issue.

    If it just tends to pull and no noise is present, it is most likely a busted belt in the tire. You can move the front tires tot he back and test drive it and see if the steering improves and the back seems to wiggle. Replacing the tires should fix this if it is the cause.

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