2008 Acura RDX

My wife complained that the A/C took a while to get cool.So I checked it and she was right. I thought it may need to be charged so I added refrigerant to the system about 12 oz.and 3 oz of pag oil. Then I noticed that the engine would run real rough and almost choke out every time the compressor would kick on. also the compressor would kick on and off very frequently.I then took it for a ride and with the ac on med fan it was cool but not totally cold.I then place the fan on high and it started to get warmer. I don’t know whats going on for the engine is running rough and cutting out when ever I turn on the A/C. Please can you help!

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  1. When the Air Conditioning Compressor kicks on and off frequently, this is referred to as short cycling. This normally occurs when the system is low on freon. There is a decal under the hood that details the correct amount of freon the system requires. If the system has a leak, it needs to be fixed first. Then the system has to have a vacuum drawn on it to eliminate any oxygen before the freon is introduced into the system or it will become contaminated and blow warm air and try and lock up the compressor(act the way yours is).

    Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

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