Aug 172015

So I replaced all rotors and break pads despite the last ones not looking in too bad of shape. They were making noise for a while.

I took everything apart, installed new pads and rotors. After about 20 minutes of driving it began making a squeaky noise when the break was applied.
I thought maybe it would be just the new brakes wearing in and what not. It has been 4 weeks, I have driven to Southern Indiana (I am in Chicago) and back, as well as to Kankakee – that’s at least 800 miles on them – plus my regular day commute. I am pretty sure they would have been good by now, however, they are still making that damn noise. They show nothing wrong with the breaks but this noise is starting to get to me. The longer I drive on the brakes (over 40 minutes) they continue making a more annoying/louder noise. Any idea what is going on? It is a fairly new car 2013 Nissan Altima, please help!

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  1. Did you install ceramic pads? The reason i ask is that metallic pads tend to make more noise than the ceramic ones. Also, did you “apply a small amount of non-drying brake silicon to the back of the New brake pads”. Did you wash the brake rotors before installing the brake pads? if not the glaze will bind with the pads material and cause noise.

    How to install your brake pads the right way.

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