Jeep Liberty 2004

Gas tank was replaced today, but car doesn’t start or run like it used to. Should I allow time for engine to adjust or should it not matter? My car almost stopped in the middle of traffic on half a tank of gas in it. I paid $500 to get the gas tank replaced but I feel cheated. Should I be worried ?


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  1. First thought is why did you need to have the gas tank replaced in the first place as this is not a frequently replaced part. Now if your jeep ran perfectly before you drove in and now it does not, I would turn back around ASAP. Take it right back and let the shop know that something is not right. Let them know you would like them to double check their work. Express your concerns in a polite manner and hopefully it will be reciprocated. It may be as simple as they forgot to plug something back in or forgot to replace the fuel filter, hard to say but I would give them a chance to correct it.

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