Died 2000 Dodge Caravan

2000 Daodge CaravanI was coming home last night and my van just died on me and it wont start. It ran fine all day long until then. The oil light is on and I checked the oil. It was a little low. This is the first time that its done this.


I’m wondering if the oil light was on while you were driving before it died? But we will move on anyway. Anytime the engine will turn over but will not start you need to determine why. You need to determine what is missing. There are four basic things an engine needs in order to run.

  1. SparkIgnition system – Ignition control module – Crankshaft position sensor – Camshaft position sensor – PCM(Powertrain Control Module) – coil – spark plugs – wiring
  2. Fuel – Fuel pressure – Fuel injector pulse – PCM
  3. CompressionWhat is a compression test?
  4. Timing – all of the above at the correct time – timing belt/chain