D4 light starts blinking Honda Accord

1998 Honda AccordGood morning. I have a 1998 Honda Accord. My engine couldn’t start first. Then later we suspected some fuses which were changed, then it starts but couldn’t stop working when remove the key. I called in a technician to check. We replace the alternator, then the engine can now start on and off. But the over heating signal won’t go if I start it without moving and again the D4 on gear signal would be blinking. Also the wipers won’t stop. It continues working even if off. Thanks for your response.

If the overheating signal is illuminated the first thing to check would be the coolant level in the radiator and overflow tank.

D4 light starts blinking

When the D4 light starts blinking, an error has occurred and been detected by the PCM.

D4 light blinking Honda Accord

Get the Diagnostic Trouble Code and we will see what can be done.

Wipers won’t Stop

Most likely the intermittent wiper relay is sticking. Try removing it to see if the wipers stop. You may also trace the wiring using the provided wiring diagram if needed.

Windshield Wiper wiring diagram 1998 Honda Accord

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  1. Thanks for the response really appreciate, I noticed all the light on the dashboard showing including the door opening signal while the doors are shut, the temperature meter pointing high, the ignition key blinking, the battery light and oil service nofication signal on, Abs signal all the lights show without starting the car, we just fix the battery to try the earlier suggestion from automech. I want to snap and upload but I can’t see where to on this platform

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