O2 Sensor Codes 2006 Hyundai Tiburon GT

2006 Hyundai Tiburon

My car is a supercharged 06 hyundai tiburon with only 63k miles. However, I recently had my B1S1 and B2S1 02 sensor check engine light come on…I replaced my 02 sensors as well as my MAF sensor then proceeded to reset the check engine light. it then later that day came back so I started checking my spark plugs and realized one of my O rings in my valve cover gasket leaked oil into a spark plug. replaced the gasket and those 3 spark plugs (not the back 3 due to it being under the supercharger). I once again reset the light and it came back again. What part could be at fault for this? should i go through the trouble of replacing the spark plugs or look for issues elsewhere?

If you could provide the exact code/s it would help me to help you better. There are many codes and knowing the right one would help. Please post it in the comments below.

2006 hyundai tiburon gt o2 sensor codes