Body shop and auto repair Audi A3 2.0 SE 2013

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Apr 012019

2013 Audi A3

My car was stationary and it was hit at roughly 30mph, it moved roughly 12 inches across.
I have had it repaired externally (new bumper) after the incident and before it went in for repair. I drove it a short distance to check for any internal damage. As soon as I started it up a warning came on the dashboard ‘Engine start system:system fault! Please contact workshop’ I also noticed the engine does not turn off unless the key is removed from the ignition. There were no faults showing prior to the accident. The repair center said it had nothing to do with the accident. I have my car booked in to the Audi dealership on the 4th Of April. I wanted advice as it seems a bit coincidental that the fault was not there prior to the accident.

This is something that would need to be addressed with your insurance company. Body shops are not generally equipped to handle auto repair and therefore do not look at such things. Most either farm out the work or don’t even look at it. You are doing the right thing by having an auto repair shop examine it. However without approval from your insurance company you may be stuck with the bill. So make sure they are brought up to speed.

Cranking over slowly 2006 Audi A4 Avant Quattro 2.0T

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Feb 022018

2006 Audi A4 Quattro

Hi, I just recently purchased a 2006 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0T. I got it for very cheap since it does not start and I enjoy fixing cars at home. My diagnosis so far is either the starter motor or the relay for the starter motor. The battery is extremely dead so I had to hook up a booster pack to try and turn it over. When I turn the key I can hear the fuel pump engage and the motor cranking over super slowly??? I have a pretty good knowledge of cars and working on them but I cannot seem to figure out this one! Hopefully you can help me diagnose the problem so I can go ahead and fix it!

The battery may have an internal short. This could cause an issue with the booster pack. Install a known good battery and fully charge it before furthering your diagnostic testing.

2006 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0 Starting system wiring diagram

2006 Audi A4 starting wiring diagram

2001 Audi Quattro Wagon shifter adjustment

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Jun 162017

2001 Audi Wagon

Shifter Adjustment

We have nearly 200,000 miles with this vehicle. We would like to know if it is time to adjust the shifter for the automatic transmission? Also, we would like to know if there are any more issues to be aware of? Thanks.

Nothing in the manuals about needing to adjust the shifter. As far as the 200,000 mile mark, the only thing listed to adjust is the headlights. Refer to your owners manual for any recommended scheduled maintenance.

2007 Audi RS4

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Mar 102017

2007 Audi RS4I have a 2007 Audi RS4; it usually refuses to start when I leave it to cool down. The agents have changed the starter relay and it still does the same thing. The starter doesn’t turn and I can only hear the clicking sound from the relay. I usually press the starter button continuously for about 30 minutes until it starts.


Audi No Start

Well this particular vehicle has 2 starter relays. You may need to replace both of them. However you can do a little testing. Next time it will not start you can check for battery voltage at the “S” terminal when someone holds the start button. If you see battery voltage, replace the starter. If not you may need to trace the wiring or replace a relay or ignition switch.

Starter Wiring Diagram


Audi A5 electrical issues

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Feb 192017

2012 Audi A5My Audi A5 convertible is having random problems all at once. The top won’t open, the rear camera is fuzzy, the seats don’t move forward/backward, or lean back. I think it’s electrical but I don’t know. I’m selling the car so I don’t want to invest a lot of money into it. Thank you for your help.


Definitely electrical. Could be a bad connection or corrosion at the battery terminals. A blown fuse may also be an issue. A blown fuse is a common occurrence if the vehicle has been jump started recently.  Check your battery and fuses first. If they all check out you are looking at having to trace wiring and testing each component.


Code P2138 Buick reduce engine power

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May 132016

2007 Buick Lacrosse Code P2138I have replaced the gas pedal unit which includes the sensor 2 months ago on my 2007 Buick Lacrosse 3.8L. Has been working fine. Then the other day the check engine light came back on with the same code P2138 that says (reduce engine power) which means gas pedal and senor unit again. The problem I’m having the check engine light comes on, I drive it a few times it goes away, but then it will come on again a few days later back and forth, back and forth. What could be causing this to happen please.


The Engine Control Module (ECM) has detected that the APP sensor 1 and APP sensor 2 disagree more than 4.5 percent for less than 1 second. This turns on the check engine light. It is possible that the wiring or connections are faulty. Also possible that the parameters set in the ECM need to be reprogrammed. It is also possible that the “New” part is bad. I would anticipate the repair and part are covered under warranty and as such you should return the vehicle to the repair shop. There is a TSB – Technical Service Bulletin for the Code P2138 with reduced engine power which identifies a repair instrument panel to body harness connector. (see below)

CODE P2138 BUICK – Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1-2 Correlation

Code P2138 Possible causes

– Faulty Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
– Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor harness is open or shorted
– Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor circuit poor electrical connection
– Faulty Electric Throttle Control Actuator

The Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) sensor is made up of 2 sensors that are housed inside one assembly. The Engine Control Module (ECM) supplies a separate 5-volt reference circuit and a low reference circuit for each of the sensors. The 5-volt reference for APP sensor 1 is supplied from the same source in the ECM as the 5-volt reference for the mass air flow (MAF) sensor and the fuel tank pressure (FTP) sensor. The 5-volt reference voltage for all of the sensors is supplied on separate ECM terminals, but the terminals are connected internally to a voltage supply. The APP sensor 1 sends a signal from the sensor to the ECM indicating the accelerator pedal position. The ECM actuates the throttle plates based on this information. If the ECM detects that the APP sensors are not within a predicted value from each other, DTC P2138 sets.

TSB 07-06-04-019E

Intermittent malfunction indicator lamp(MIL) illuminated, DTC P2138 with reduced engine power (repair instrument panel to body harness connector)

Affected models: 2005-2015 GM passenger cars and light duty trucks


  • Some customers may comment on an intermittent malfunction indicator lamp(check engine light) being illuminated with a message or an indicator that displays Reduced Engine Power.
  • The technician may observe on a scan tool DTC Code P2138 – Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor 1-2 Correlation set as Current or in History.

The condition may be caused by water intrusion into the instrument panel to body harness connector, which carries the APP Sensor signals to the ECM/PCM. The water intrusion results in a voltage difference between APP Sensor 1 and APP Sensor 3 that exceeds a predetermined value for more than a calibrated period of time, setting Code P2138.

Some examples of potential water leaks are: A-Pillar seals, Sunroof drain lines and windshield /cowl sealing.

The Fix:

  1. Verify that aftermarket equipment is not electrically connected to any of the APP sensor signal or low reference circuits or to any other ECM/PCM 5v reference or low reference circuits.
  2. Perform the diagnostic system check – vehicle.
  3. Locate the Instrument Panel to body harness connector, which may be located in and around the left hand kick panel area or inside the instrument panel. Depending on the vehicle and model year.
  4. Inspect for water leak in area. If necessary use a water hose to determine the source of the leak.
  5. Inspect the instrument panel to body harness connector terminals for corrosion and debris.
  6. If any corrosion or debris is observe, repair as needed.
  7. After completing the repair, verify the proper operation of the system.
Sep 282015

Hi, recently one of the pipes/hoses that is part of the suction jet pump has corroded and failed. The vehicle is an 1995 audi a6 2.8l v6 fwd, and ever since replacing this hose, the car won’t start but crank for ages. If the key gets turned to the ON position and then to the START position, it will just crank.However if one turns the key all the way to START immediately, the vehicle will start for 1 sec. and then die again.
any ideas?