Jun 232015

I have a 1997 audi a8 Quattro with 180,000 miles on it and for a while now the power and acceleration has been horrible ……i have to push down really far on the pedal for a while to get it up to a descent speed …and its kinda embarrassing ….especially at lights or a stop sign……freeway driving isn’t that bad but i can tell the power is nothing what it should be …..im thinking it could be the plugs or possible maf sensor but i changed the plugs about 5 months ago …..there is no check engine light on and no codes being thrown at all …..please help!!!

May 312015

My gas light was on and near empty, so I put $90 in. I drove away and the car still said it was on empty. I pulled over, checked to be sure the gas cap was on and tight and it was. I have continued to drive the car, which means gas is in it. Why is my gas sensor/ gauge not working and how do I fix it?

Mar 132015

Hi, i have a 97 Audi a4 quttro 1.8t, having some issues. have about 8 codes come up P1127, P0300, P0301, 0302, P0303, P0304, P0455, P0137. the car runs rich and bogs alot especially when starting after it has ran for a minute it tends to start rough and usually die unless i give it some gas. i am assuming those codes go hand in hand with each other. i have replaced spark plugs, replaced 2 old coils, cleaned the MAF, and checked intake for leaks. At this point im sure what to do to solve this issue. Could it just be the O2 sensors?

Feb 092015

Error code PO171 appeared and I am starting out with ordering an 02 sensor, fuel filter, plugs, and pcv. Car was driving ok while awaiting for parts to arrive, when I went to start the car, it took a very long time to start, and when it did, it conked out after stepping on the gas pedal. I know the problems aren’t linked, but don’t know where to start with the starting problem.

Jan 162015

I have terrible vibration durring acceleration in my A4 B6 1.9tdi AWX 5M. The whole car vibrates, especially the gear stick, front seats and the pedals when I take over and press the “pedal to the metal”. No matter on which gear, but on 4th the vibrations are greater.
The wheels are balanced TEN times, in ten different tireshops.
All four brake discs replaced.
Both axles completed (including inner and outer cv joint) replaced.
DMF and the clutch replaced.
The car was in a special local diesel workshop for inspection of fuel equipment and turbocharger – as per their opinion – all in perfect condition.
Engine mounts were visualy checked – no noticeable defects.
Any ideas ??
Thanks in advance.

Nov 092013

1998 audi a6 quattro takes long time to start when sitting for a while. when i get up in the morning to start my car it takes up to 10-20 tries. at first it wont start at all and then it will start for a few seconds, sputter and die. eventually it will start but shake a whole lot. if i press the gas it will shake and pop (backfire). if i let it sit for a few minutes its fine. it drives fine after the fact. if i shut it off when i get to work and start it again, it starts right up. then later (5-8 hrs) it has the trouble again. i replaced the fuel filter with no luck…