Dec 202018

Fuel pump diagram 1993 Dodge W150

I just bought this truck and it needed a fuel pump. The fuel pump was replaced with the wrong fuel pump before. I ordered a new fuel pump, but it is quite different. It has an return and outlet line. The truck only has an outlet line and one that is very small that I was told was a vent. The old pump had a component that didn’t come with the new pump that had to be moved to the new pump. Not sure what it is, but the small line on the truck fits it and that is where it was on the old pump. I connected it up and of course had no line to go on the return on the new pump and the truck is running. I’m afraid to keep running it if its wrong. I’m baffled. Ive replaced fuel pumps before and never had the both return and out take lines on the pump.

Should be just fine to drive.

Fuel Pump Testing for 1993 MODELS

2.5L/4-151 & 3.0L/V6-181


1. Release fuel system pressure as outlined under”Fuel System Pressure Relief. “
2. Disconnect5-16 inch fuel supply hose from engine fuel line assembly.
3. Connect fuel system pressure tester tool No. C-4799B or equivalent between fuel supply hose and engine fuel line assembly.
4. Activate fuel pump and pressurize the fuel system using the DRB II scan tool.
5. If gauge reads 13. 5-15. 5 psi, pressure is correct.
6. If pressure is not as specified, record pressure, then install pressure tester in the fuel supply line between the fuel tank and fuel filter at the rear of the vehicle.
7. Activate fuel pump and pressurize the fuel system using the DRB II scan tool.
8. If pressure is 5 psi higher than previously recorded, replace fuel filter.
9. When no change is pressure is noted, gently squeeze return hose. If pressure increases, replace pressure regulator. If there is no change in pressure reading, problem is either a plugged pump filter or a defective fuel pump.
10. If pressure is higher than specified, remove fuel return line hose. Connect a three foot hose to the return line. Place other end in a suitable container.
11. Repeat test. If pressure is now correct, check intank return hose for kinking or restrictions.
12. If pressure is still above specified pressure, remove return hose from throttle body and connect a suitable hose to the throttle body and place the other end into a suitable container.
13. repeat test. If pressure is now correct check for a restricted fuel return line. If change is pressure is not observed, replace fuel pressure regulator.
Oct 102018

1999 Dodge Durango

Only starts in neutral , no backup lights! neutral / safety switch bad? thanks in advance!

That would be my first thought, being the neutral switch. Or the gear shift cable is just out of adjustment.

Transmission Park/Neutral Switch

The park/neutral switch is located on the transmission housing and provides an input to the powertrain control module (PCM) This will indicate that the automatic transmission is in Park, Neutral or a drive gear selection. This input is used to determine idle speed (varying with gear selection), fuel injector pulse width, ignition timing advance and vehicle speed control operation.

Gearshift Cable

Check adjustment by starting the engine in Park and Neutral. Adjustment is OK if the engine starts only in these positions. Adjustment is incorrect if the engine starts in one but not both positions. If the engine starts in any position other than Park or Neutral, or if the engine will not start at all, the park/neutral position switch may be faulty.

Gearshift Adjustment Procedure

  1. Shift transmission into Park.
  2. Release cable adjuster lock (underneath the power brake booster) to unlock cable.
  3. Raise vehicle.
  4. Slide cable eyelet off transmission shift lever.
  5. Verify transmission shift lever is in Park detent by moving lever fully rearward. Last rearward detent is Park position.
  6. Verify positive engagement of transmission park lock by attempting to rotate propeller shaft. Shaft will not rotate when park lock is engaged.
  7. Slide cable eyelet onto transmission shift lever.
  8. Lower vehicle and check engine starting. Engine should start only in Park and Neutral.
  9. Lock shift cable by pressing cable adjuster clamp down until it snaps into place
Oct 082018

I need a standard trailer wiring diagram for a auto trailer. The supply side has a 5 position plug. 1ground, 4 colored supply wires, trailer has two tail lights with brake light capability. I misplaced my instructions. Need help identifying colors of trailer connections.

The 5 wire  diagram shows the addition of a wire for use on electric brakes or back up lights. Where as on the 4 wire diagram does not. Use the provided wiring diagrams below to assist you in your installation.

4 wire trailer wiring diagram

trailer wiring diagram

5 wire trailer wiring diagram

5 wire trailer wiring diagram

Towing Package Factory Wiring Harness

The trailer tow preparation wiring harness is connected to the body wire harness. It is located at the right and left outer rear lamp unit connections. After installation is complete, a trailer tow stop/turn relay is secured to the harness behind the rear bumper fascia just below each outer rear lamp unit. A trailer tow stop lamp relay is located on the underside of each outboard end of the rear bumper reinforcement behind the rear fascia. The four-way trailer tow connector is located near the center of the rear fascia.

Trailer/Towing wiring diagram – 2009 Dodge Journey

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Radio cuts out every 20 seconds 2012 Dodge Ram quad

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Sep 082018

Dodge Ram 1500

radio sound goes in and out about every 20 seconds

Quite a bit of noise about this issue. From some of the posts I have read, the FIX was replacing the RADIO(not the Amp).

  1. Just as a quick try, Try disconnecting your negative battery post for about 60 seconds. Sometimes(but not always) this will clear an electrical glitch. It can’t hurt, and in fact, will give you the benefit of re-setting the PCM(like the Fuse 2 removal). Second thing I would check would be to plug connection in the back of the radio. Hope one of these two simple things may help you.
  2. Mine was fixed at the dealer. First they thought it was the amp which they replaced and still gave the same symptoms with everything working, just no sound. Then they replaced the radio and that solved the issue. So I ended up a new amp and a new radio. No problems since then.



Aug 222018

2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

Hello. I’am Fred. My turn signal will not turn off when I turn my steering wheel an my wiper blades don’t work together now. I have put in a new turn signal lever an a new clock spring. Please tell me what is wrong with this van.

The most common cause for this issue falls on a faulty multi-function switch. This switch receives a lot of use and therefore tends to wear out quickly. Here is the exact fit part required for replacement.

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Multi-Function Switch Replacement


  1. Disconnect and isolate battery negative cable.
  2. Remove upper and lower steering column shrouds.
  3. Disconnect wire connector from back of multi-function switch.
  4. Remove screws holding multi-function switch to steering column adapter collar.
  5. Remove the multi-function switch.


  1. Position the switch on to the steering column.
  2. Install the two retaining screws.
  3. Connect the wire harness connector.
  4. Install the upper and lower steering column shrouds.
  5. Connect the battery negative cable.

won’t come out of park 2006 dodge 2500

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Aug 072018

Dodge Ram 2500

Won’t come out of park

The shifter on my truck has been sticky since I bought it, but finally the other day I went to shift it into drive and the whole shifter fell. I was able to put it into drive by using the switch underneath and got it home. I replaced the whole shifter cable, and can move it now. But it won’t come out of park and the switch underneath seems to be jammed. Any suggestions as to what my issue could be? Or any solutions

Put it on jack stands. This will relieve some of the pressure on the parking pin in the transmission. The gear selector switch should move much easier.

Aug 012018

Dodge Durango

My Dodge started overheating of all a sudden a month ago. I put in a bottle of coolant and that worked. But today it overheated again and I had to put another bottle of coolant. What would cause the loss of coolant?

Loss of coolant

In most cases loss of coolant is caused from a leak in the cooling system. As a result here are typically two kinds of coolant leaks, external and internal. Coolant appearing on the ground underneath of the vehicle is an indication of an external coolant leak.. Internal coolant leaks are more difficult but usually accompanied by white exhaust smoke.  Once you have determined if your coolant is leaking internally or externally you can begin diagnosing the cause.

Above all do not use coolant additives that are claimed to improve engine cooling.


The required ethylene-glycol (antifreeze) and water mixture depends upon climate and vehicle operating conditions. The coolant performance of various mixtures follows:

Pure Water-Water can absorb more heat than a mixture of water and ethylene-glycol. This is for purpose of heat transfer only. Water also freezes at a higher temperature and allows corrosion.

100 percent Ethylene-Glycol-The corrosion inhibiting additives in ethylene-glycol need the presence of water to dissolve. Without water, additives form deposits in system. These act as insulation causing temperature to rise to as high as 149°C (300°F). This temperature is hot enough to melt plastic and soften solder. The increased temperature can result in engine detonation. In addition, 100 percent ethylene-glycol freezes at -22°C (-8°F).

50/50 Ethylene-Glycol and Water-Is the recommended mixture, it provides protection against freezing to -37°C (-34°F). The antifreeze concentration must always be a minimum of 44 percent, year-round in all climates. Engine parts may be eroded by cavitation as a result if the percentage is lower. Maximum protection against freezing is provided with a 68 percent antifreeze concentration, which prevents freezing down to -67.7°C (-90°F). A higher percentage will freeze at a warmer temperature. Also, a higher percentage of antifreeze can cause the engine to overheat because specific heat of antifreeze is lower than that of water.

Therefore make sure you do not put coolant directly into the radiator at full strength.

Jun 022018

2002 Dodge Ram 1500

My wipers, turn signal and dash gauges went out. First I checked all fuses which were ok . And then changed the multi-functional switch, still with no results. I also noticed that when I turn the key to auxiliary I do not hear the door chime alarm. The truck still starts up and runs. What can be the problem?

Wipers and turn signals stopped working

Only 2 things I see in common would be the Ground connection at Location G106. Check that first. And the “Front Control Module”.

Wiper Fuses: #8

Wiper Grounds: G106, G103

Turn Signal Fuse: #15, #46, #47, #24, #1, #34, #32, #33

Turn Signal Grounds: G106, G105, G202

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 wiper washer wiring diagram

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2002 Dodge Ram 1500 turn signal wiring diagram