AC will not blow 2012 Dodge Ram 3500

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Jul 312019

Dodge Ram 1500

The AC will not blow during the heat of the day. Once it cools off it works just fine. When it doesn’t blow air out the vents you can hear the motor going but no air.

The most common reason for this is a failing mode door actuator.

Ticking Noise coming from Engine 98 Dodge Stratus 2.4l

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Jul 122019

Does my car have hydraulic lifters? If not how can I fix a ticking noise coming from the engine? It’s not low on oil I am using synthetic it is due for a change but hasn’t gone over since I’ve owned it. Has 78,900 miles

Dodge Stratus

Your engine is equipped with hydraulic valve lifters and do not require periodic valve lash adjustment. Proper adjustment is maintained automatically by hydraulic pressure in the valves.

If the lifter fails this is known as a “collapsed lifter”, it can be replaced. At this point the camshaft should be inspected to determine if the cam lobes are worn and in need of replacement as well.

Camshaft and Bearing Inspection

  1. Thoroughly clean all parts. Inspect the camshaft journals for scoring. Check the oil feed holes in the cylinder head for blockage. Check the camshaft bearing journals for scoring. If light scratches are present, they may be removed with 400 grit abrasive paper. If deep scratches are present, replace the camshaft and check the cylinder head for damage. Replace the cylinder head if worn or damaged.
  2. If the camshaft lobes show signs of wear, check the corresponding rocker arm roller for wear or damage. Replace any rocker arms/hydraulic lash adjusters which are worn or damaged. If the camshaft lobes show signs of pitting on the nose, flank or base circle, replace the camshaft.1998-dodge-stratus-camshaft-inspection
    1. Camshaft end-play should be checked using the following procedure:
      1. On the DOHC engines, oil the camshaft journals and install the camshaft WITHOUT the camshaft follower assemblies. Install the rear camshaft bearing caps and tighten to 250 inch lbs. (28 Nm). On the SOHC engines, oil the camshaft journals and install the camshaft WITHOUT the rocker arm assemblies. Install the camshaft position sensor and tighten the screws to 85 inch lbs. (9.6 Nm).
      2. Carefully push the camshaft as far rearward as it will go.1998-dodge-stratus-camshaft-end-play
          1. Set up a dial indicator to bear against the front of the camshaft (the sprocket end). Zero the indicator.
          2. Move the camshaft forward as far as it will go. Read the dial indicator. End-play specification is 0.002-0.010 in. (0.05-0.15mm) for DOHC models, and 0.005-0.013 in. (0.13-0.33mm).
          3. If excessive end-play is present, inspect the cylinder head and camshaft for wear; replace if necessary.

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2003 Dodge Durango entire vehicle wiring diagram request

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Apr 262019

 Dodge Durango

My dodge has electrical issues things working then not working. After looking into it I found two alarm systems and remote start. Then after market stereo converted into control module. I tore out to much and see that something else is wrong. Everything is running all the I’m all wire has been changed to 18 gauge and plugs laying all over. With other plugs put in place … So I’m looking to take it back to original factory alarm. Please help with a wiring diagram of the whole truck? Four months down stuck in my house.. I need a diagram I ordered new harness git ripped off and only got account has been frozen and no way to get to bank. Please please help me with a diagram.

Thank you for your request. If you want all the Premium Repair Manual Information and wiring diagrams that are available for this vehicle that are accessed online right now, follow this link REPAIR MANUAL for just $19.95 you can have full online access to everything you need including wiring diagrams, repair information, factory recall information and even TSB’s ( Technical Service Bulletins ) There are over 30 individual diagrams involved for just the alarm system. alone.
We will not provide you repair manual information or wiring diagrams for the entire vehicle as it may infringe certain copyright laws.

2011 Dodge Dakota Bighorn V6 quad cab 4×4 making noise

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Apr 262019

2011 Dodge Dakota

I recently had my front bearings and alignment done at Les Scwabb. Tires rotated and balanced too. Yet, when I drive my truck, ever so often, there is a sound like when ones drive over the grooved pavement on the freeway. Is that the 4×4 transfer case trying to engage while driving?

You may find that the noise happens more often when slowing down or turning. Noises can be difficult to narrow down. While accelerating or decelerating may be an indication of differential pinion bearings going out. While turning may indicate a hub bearing going out. Have not heard of the 4×4 transfer case trying to engage by itself.

Transmission shifting issues 1995 Dodge 3500 Van 217,000 mi.

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Mar 232019


This vehicle is having some transmission shifting issues. Don’t know if it is worth paying to have it fixed. It seems to not fully disengage when stopping and sometimes takes a bit to re-engage when starting to move.

When asking if the vehicle is worth fixing or not there are a few things to consider. Like what was your plan for the vehicle before the issue arose? Drive it till it breaks? Your there. Is it a family inheritance that carries sentimental value? Then money is no object. Based on resale value one must consider other factors such as the condition of the interior and exterior as well as potential mechanical issues lurking in the wake.

If I had to guess what is wrong with it without looking at it, My guess would be a faulty solenoid. However I would start by checking the fluid level of the transmission. Take note of the color and if it is burnt looking a complete rebuild may be necessary. I should also note that some have been successful with simply changing the transmission fluid and filter. This may be something to consider trying if it is in the budget.

Hydraulic Control System

Many new transmissions are electronically controlled. On these models, electrical solenoids are used to better control the hydraulic fluid. Usually, the solenoids are regulated by an electronic control module.


Transmission fluid in radiator 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan

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Mar 152019

Transmission fluid is showing up in radiator,looking to fill up found red fluid instead of water.
Gallon put in Transmission two days ago.
Where do I look for leak?

The radiator. An internal leak in the radiator allows transmission fluid to enter the cooling system.


cooling system component diagram

Radiator Replacement

  1. Drain cooling system into a suitable container.
  2. Remove air inlet resonator.
  3. Remove coolant system to reserve tank hose.
  4. Disconnect fans electrical connector.
  5. Remove coolant recovery system tank retaining screw from upper radiator crossmember.
  6. Disconnect upper radiator mounting screws from crossmember, then disconnect engine block heater wire if equipped.
  7. Remove upper radiator crossmember.
  8. Remove air cleaner assembly.
  9. Disconnect and plug automatic transaxle lines from transaxle.
  10. Remove hose clamps and hoses from radiator.
  11. Remove air conditioning condenser attaching screws located at front of radiator, if equipped. Do not discharge air conditioning system.
  12. Remove radiator from engine compartment by lifting upward.
  13. Reverse procedure to install.


Heater core replacement labor hours 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

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Mar 052019

Dodge Ram 2500

How many labor hours are allotted for a heater core replacement on this vehicle?

Dodge Ram 2500, 5.9L Model Year Skill Code Factory Time Labor Time
 Ram 1500,
  w/o AC ………………………….. 1999-01 B 2.2 5.6
  w/AC ……………………………. 1999-01 B 2.3 6.2
 Ram 2500, 3500,
  w/o AC ………………………….. 1999-02 B 2.2 5.6
  w/AC ……………………………. 1999-02 B 2.3 6.2
Does Not Include: Refrigerant Recovery Or Evacuate & Recharge AC System.
Additional Labor
Model Year Factory Time Labor Time
 w/Manual Trans, Add ……………….. 1994-01 0.2 0.4

1993 Dodge Ram W150 Fuel Pump Replacement and Testing

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Dec 202018

Fuel pump diagram 1993 Dodge W150

I just bought this truck and it needed a fuel pump. The fuel pump was replaced with the wrong fuel pump before. I ordered a new fuel pump, but it is quite different. It has an return and outlet line. The truck only has an outlet line and one that is very small that I was told was a vent. The old pump had a component that didn’t come with the new pump that had to be moved to the new pump. Not sure what it is, but the small line on the truck fits it and that is where it was on the old pump. I connected it up and of course had no line to go on the return on the new pump and the truck is running. I’m afraid to keep running it if its wrong. I’m baffled. Ive replaced fuel pumps before and never had the both return and out take lines on the pump.

Should be just fine to drive.

Fuel Pump Testing for 1993 MODELS

2.5L/4-151 & 3.0L/V6-181


1. Release fuel system pressure as outlined under”Fuel System Pressure Relief. “
2. Disconnect5-16 inch fuel supply hose from engine fuel line assembly.
3. Connect fuel system pressure tester tool No. C-4799B or equivalent between fuel supply hose and engine fuel line assembly.
4. Activate fuel pump and pressurize the fuel system using the DRB II scan tool.
5. If gauge reads 13. 5-15. 5 psi, pressure is correct.
6. If pressure is not as specified, record pressure, then install pressure tester in the fuel supply line between the fuel tank and fuel filter at the rear of the vehicle.
7. Activate fuel pump and pressurize the fuel system using the DRB II scan tool.
8. If pressure is 5 psi higher than previously recorded, replace fuel filter.
9. When no change is pressure is noted, gently squeeze return hose. If pressure increases, replace pressure regulator. If there is no change in pressure reading, problem is either a plugged pump filter or a defective fuel pump.
10. If pressure is higher than specified, remove fuel return line hose. Connect a three foot hose to the return line. Place other end in a suitable container.
11. Repeat test. If pressure is now correct, check intank return hose for kinking or restrictions.
12. If pressure is still above specified pressure, remove return hose from throttle body and connect a suitable hose to the throttle body and place the other end into a suitable container.
13. repeat test. If pressure is now correct check for a restricted fuel return line. If change is pressure is not observed, replace fuel pressure regulator.
Oct 102018

1999 Dodge Durango

Only starts in neutral , no backup lights! neutral / safety switch bad? thanks in advance!

That would be my first thought, being the neutral switch. Or the gear shift cable is just out of adjustment.

Transmission Park/Neutral Switch

The park/neutral switch is located on the transmission housing and provides an input to the powertrain control module (PCM) This will indicate that the automatic transmission is in Park, Neutral or a drive gear selection. This input is used to determine idle speed (varying with gear selection), fuel injector pulse width, ignition timing advance and vehicle speed control operation.

Gearshift Cable

Check adjustment by starting the engine in Park and Neutral. Adjustment is OK if the engine starts only in these positions. Adjustment is incorrect if the engine starts in one but not both positions. If the engine starts in any position other than Park or Neutral, or if the engine will not start at all, the park/neutral position switch may be faulty.

Gearshift Adjustment Procedure

  1. Shift transmission into Park.
  2. Release cable adjuster lock (underneath the power brake booster) to unlock cable.
  3. Raise vehicle.
  4. Slide cable eyelet off transmission shift lever.
  5. Verify transmission shift lever is in Park detent by moving lever fully rearward. Last rearward detent is Park position.
  6. Verify positive engagement of transmission park lock by attempting to rotate propeller shaft. Shaft will not rotate when park lock is engaged.
  7. Slide cable eyelet onto transmission shift lever.
  8. Lower vehicle and check engine starting. Engine should start only in Park and Neutral.
  9. Lock shift cable by pressing cable adjuster clamp down until it snaps into place