Apr 112017

2001 Dodge Caravan

Battery Drain

The van has the 3.3l problem is hit pothole and van shut down. I have check battery(good) there is an open circuit causing a bad drain. Battery reads 11.55v and drops to 5v when you turn key on or even open the door. I have run all the test that I could find. Checked harness, relays, fuses and grounds. Also switched relays. There is 10v showing at the IOD fuse with fuse out. With fuse out there is no drain until you turn key on (no dash lights). And then battery drops to 5v and the ASD clicks after key is off. It wont stop unless you disconnect battery. With fuse in and nothing on the battery drops to 5v.  thank you.

UPDATE: found the problem. it was a frayed crankshaft position sensor wire. those dodge engineers are stupid. who would have figured that that wire would cause all that trouble with van not even on.

Mar 292017
 Dodge Dakota

My Dakota is a standard shift. When you try to start the truck in 1st gear it jumps forward then nothing. I have bought a slave cylinder and tried to bleed it. But I wasn’t getting any pressure in the pedal so I bought a clutch master cylinder. I bleed the cylinders again got a whole bunch of air because where they were new. But I was still having the same issue. So I took the slave cylinder off and pumped it with my hand. It got real stiff so I put it back in then the clutch had a lot of pressure but it still jumped when I tried to start it.

Clutch Bleeding

So I tried to bleed it again. When I bled it all the pressure was lost in the pedal. After a few minutes it came back so I tried to start it again still it jumped forward. Ive been dealing with this process for about 8 days now. I had an inspection hole cut into the transmission everything is in their right place. I’m not sure what else too try.


This is a common issue when dealing with a failed slave cylinder. It is almost impossible to get the air out of the system. This is why the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder are replaced as an assembly. The Auto Parts stores desk jockeys won’t tell you this when they sell you the part separate. I have found ordering the assembly from a dealership and installing it was the ONLY way to get a pedal.

Clutch Master Cylinder

The hydraulic clutch master cylinder is mounted on the firewall and is fed fluid via gravity from a remote reservoir. The master cylinder mounting nuts are inside the cab. The torque for the nuts is 200 inch lbs. (22 Nm). Torque for the reservoir nuts is 95 inch lbs. (10 Nm). The slave cylinder is mounted on a bracket on the left side of the transmission. Mounting nut torque is 200 inch lbs. (22 Nm). The clutch master cylinder, remote reservoir, slave cylinder and connecting lines are serviced as an assembly only. The linkage components cannot be overhauled or serviced separately. The cylinders and connecting lines are filled and factory sealed.

The clutch slave cylinder is mounted on the clutch housing flange

slave cylinder

Replace Clutch Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Raise the vehicle and support safely.
  3. Remove the nuts attaching the slave cylinder to the bell housing.
  4. Remove the slave cylinder and clip from the housing.
  5. Lower the vehicle.
  6. Remove the locating clip from the clutch master cylinder mounting bracket.
  7. Remove the retaining ring, flat washer and wave washer that attach the clutch master cylinder pushrod to the clutch pedal. Slide the pushrod off of the pedal pin. Inspect the bushing on the pedal pin and replace if it is excessively worn.
  8. Verify that the cap on the clutch master cylinder reservoir is tight so fluid will not spill during removal.
  9. Remove the screws attaching the reservoir and bracket, if equipped, to the dash panel and remove the reservoir.
  10. Pull the clutch master cylinder rubber seal from the dash panel.
  11. Rotate the clutch master cylinder counterclockwise 45°to unlock it. Remove the cylinder from the dash panel.
  12. Remove the clutch master cylinder, remote reservoir, slave cylinder and connecting lines from the vehicle.
  13. Installation is the reverse of removal.
  14. Operate the clutch pedal a few times to verify proper system operation. The system will self-bleed any air in and vent through the reservoir. Connect the negative battery cable and road test the vehicle.
Feb 272017

2008 Dodge Grand Caravanone taillight fails to work on brake light and turn signal. Taillight bulb is working. turn signal and brake light blink once and then fail. Socket has been changed, still not working. what would cause this


Could be any part of the circuit. Bad wiring harness or connections. Possibly a bad component. Looking at the diagram provided it is clear that some testing with a multi-meter might be in store. If you have had any sort of trailer wiring installed, look there first.

Exterior lighting wiring diagram 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan



Feb 272017

2001 Dodge DakotaI installed a new head light switch. I disconnected battery before starting the replacement. When I finish getting the new switch in and prior to totally putting the dash panel back in I reconnected the battery to see if the switch was operating correctly. I noticed when I started the truck that the instrument panel cluster wasn’t working. I checked all fuses and found one 20 amp fuse for St light blown. I replaced it and found all lights working but still no instrument panel. What else do I need look at?


The instrument panel utilizes 4 fuses. I would check those first. Use the diagram below to assist you in your diagnosis.

Instrument Cluster Wiring Diagram 2001 Dodge Dakota

Feb 192017

2012 Dodge AvengerI have a lot of brake dust on rims, we have replaced calipers, brake pads, rotors, every 3 to 4 months. just wandering if there’s something else were missing


Sounds like you are driving with two feet or are using the cheapest brake pads available. Brake pads should not be worn out inside of 3 months. If you have found the brake calipers sticking, the caliper hoses may be the cause.

Brake Dust on Rims

To help reduce the amount of brake dust you will want to use a quality ceramic brake pad. This should cut down on the amount of dust you are seeing.

Feb 082017

2008 Dodge AvengerMy battery and engine light came on last night while I was driving what could be wrong with my car?


Battery and Engine Light

The battery light indicates the battery is no longer being charged. Typically this means the alternator has failed. It may also mean the alternator belt has come off but a loss of steering is usually noticed as well if this happens. Since the engine light came on as well it may be an indication of the same issue. When the engines computer no longer has sufficient battery voltage it will not function properly. Having the computer scanned will show any stored trouble codes.

Feb 062017

2002 Dodge Grand CaravanChanging alternator and my old alternator stuck in the engine. I have removed the bolts, belt and clips, but it still won’t come out. What do I do?


Alternator Stuck

Once you are certain you have removed all retaining bolts it may be necessary to use a pry bar. Slide the pry bar behind the alternator and bracket or engine. You shouldn’t have to use too much force but some none the less.

If the alternator is loose but you are having difficulty getting out of the engine bay there is hope. Remove the Dipstick tube first. Then roll the alternator and remove. See below for complete auto repair manual instructions for replacing the alternator.

Feb 022017

1997 Dodge Ram 1500my truck takes a few seconds to start


Hard Starting

If the hard starting only occurs after the truck has set for a while or over night the fix may be simple. Replacing the spark plugs may be all that is needed here. Regular spark plugs tend to need replacing every other year on fuel injected engines. Where double platinum spark plugs will last about 100,000 miles. This is quite common for this year of truck.

If it is easier to start with applying the gas pedal then you may have a sticking Idle Speed Control.

And of course if the check engine light is on this may indicate a failing engine sensor.