Aug 022019

Jeep Liberty

When headlight are on and I step on the brakes the driver side tail lights go out. When I let off the running light comes back on

This is common when a bulb has been replaced with the wrong replacement bulb or a loose ground wire. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. Two bulbs look the same but are not. A 3057 and a 3157 look almost identical, but rest assured they are not.

Jul 302019

Jeep Patriot

I just bought a used 2015 Jeep Patriot from a dealership and after driving it for 4 days I’m now noticing a grinding/scraping noise coming from front end (tire area-both sides). It’s rotational (every time the wheel spins) and I only hear it at low speeds. The noise seems to stop if driving 40km/hr or more… looking for suggestions as to what this would be?

Sounds like it may be brake component related.

Jun 152019

4WD problem. I think. When driving it seems like the 4WD is constantly trying to engage. The Jeep will jerk back like something is hitting the tire and make a loud band sound. When in 2wd the Jeep will not drive and makes a grinding sound.

I think your right, a 4WD Problem or issue with the transfer-case. I would check the linkage adjustment to make sure it is actually being place into 2WD all the way and not binding up on something. This would explain the grinding.



Dec 202018

Jeep Cherokee

There are conflicting reads that my 2019 Jeep Cherokee does/does-not have Rain-Sensing-Wipers. Anyone have access to dealership programmable options to check this out?

It is definitely available on the older Cherokees. I don’t know for certain if it is for the 2019. I wouldn’t think they would discontinue the feature though.  I will post this  so others may have a chance to post if they know different.

Dec 092018

J2000 eep Grand Cherokee

I was given a jeep without an ignition or key. I bought a new Dorman ignition with key. How do I code it without original key and ignition?

You can use any dodge key and code it to match or take your VIN# to the dealership to get an original cut key.

Model Year Model Year Skill Code Factory Time Labor Time
 Grand Cherokee ……………………. 1999-04 B 0.4 0.5
Additional Labor
Model Year Factory Time Labor Time
 To Recode Lock Cylinder,
  Add …………………………….. 1999-04 0.3
Oct 022018

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Windows, Locks, 1 Mirror problem. Front Driver door controls, lock switch only locks/unlocks front driver’s door. Window switches only open/close driver’s side front & rear windows. Front Passenger door switches do NOT lock/unlock doors or open/close windows. Rear driver’s door window switch works. Rear Passenger door window switch does NOT open/close the window. Keyless entry remotes do NOT work (Batteries are good) Interior lights come on with all door except the front passenger side. Driver’s mirror does adjust, Passenger mirror does NOT adjust. All wires running into the front doors have passed a continuity test. I’m leaning towards the Front Passenger side door module. What do you think?

I have found over the years that the wiring harness in the door jam becomes damaged easily. This is more common than you might think on older vehicles. Not the rule but worth checking. It is quite possible that the door module may be faulty or both.

Jun 182018

Jeep Commander

No start after radio replacement

My son replaced his radio yesterday and now the jeep will not crank. He has tested the battery, alternator, and starter. He has also checked the spark plugs. He replaced the ignition switch and the jeep seems like its trying to crank but it is not turning over. He is thinking this may be related to something electrical.

He, your son, is most likely correct in thinking it is something electrical. It worked just fine before it was worked on. So most likely a fuse was blown or a wire shorted during the installation of said radio. Checking all the fuses is a safe place to start. Then move on to double checking all the work done during the radio replacement.

Engine Swap 2002 Jeep Liberty

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Jun 182018

2003 Jeep Liberty

I have a 2003 liberty engine. I was wondering if there will be any setbacks, problems, or augmentations I will have to make to have it fit into my 2002 liberty.

As long as the engine size is the same(2.5L, etc) there should be no issues whatsoever.