Shaking in my Lexus LS400

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May 062016

1999 Lexus LS400My son’s 1999 Lexus LS400 will start shaking after he drives it for about 10 minutes… it has about 200,000 miles on it.


If it shakes when setting still or in park it would most likely be related to the engine. Probably an engine misfire. If this happens often enough the check engine light will illuminate. If the light has already come on, pull the engine codes and post them below. Most auto parts stores will perform this task at no cost.

If the shaking only occurs while moving it would be in the drive-train.


Oct 172015

Misfiring changed all plugs wires full tuneup. Changed all ignition coils ran good for 3 weeks now misfire in 1,3,&6 and flashing check engine light2000-lexus-gs-300

Jun 202015

My SUV has been very bouncy on the back side, I will appreciate any advise on what is happening and what cost will it be to repair it

Apr 222015

would it be possible to speak via telephone my # is XXX-XXX-XXXX I have a problem with my key fobs 2 days ago they worked and now only the lock works not the unlock or trunk and for some reason my key will not unlock the drivers door manually please call for more details..I may just need programming of the fobs please call Thank you…

Mar 042015

My car misses bad while it idles. I have already changed all plugs and wires and also coils. Sometimes it will idle fine for a day or two than it starts missing again.

Feb 232015

“I have a 1992 es300 and while a was driving it all of the lights and gadgets on the dashboard stopped working, the car stalled out. I tried to start it again but it just no crank no start. My power window will no operate but my head lights and interior dome light…”