Apr 222015

would it be possible to speak via telephone my # is XXX-XXX-XXXX I have a problem with my key fobs 2 days ago they worked and now only the lock works not the unlock or trunk and for some reason my key will not unlock the drivers door manually please call for more details..I may just need programming of the fobs please call Thank you…

Mar 042015

My car misses bad while it idles. I have already changed all plugs and wires and also coils. Sometimes it will idle fine for a day or two than it starts missing again.

Feb 232015

“I have a 1992 es300 and while a was driving it all of the lights and gadgets on the dashboard stopped working, the car stalled out. I tried to start it again but it just no crank no start. My power window will no operate but my head lights and interior dome light…”

Mar 182014

I just bought this car and all of a sudden the O/D off lite is on and it wont go into overdrive I have never seen an O/D switch so how do I get the car to go back to normal and have the overdrive engage on the freeway?

Feb 092014

2000 Lexus ES300

Is there any correlation between the computer in the Lexus and the alternator and battery?

Sometimes my car won’t start or dies while idling. When I try to start it, it makes a rapid clicking noise and will start with a jump. I’ve had the battery replaced and the alternator replaced twice. Oddly, it sat on my driveway during 2 days of frigid temperatures, started immediately, but later stalled after some local driving. Any suggestions for my mechanic?