Jul 082013

I have a 3.9 engine it keeps overheating I put in a thermostat water pump and flush the radiator out and it still overheating I took a chemical test for heads and that was good and the fans are working and he bleeded the system what can it be

Jun 252013

About two months ago the vehicle starting missing or cutting off for a split second off and on white driving, sometimes it would just cut off but would start right back up. I replace one of the cats because I saw that it was glowing but that didn’t solve the problem. Another thing is and I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, turn signals starting acting up, sometimes they worked fine but now they do not work at all. One other thing I noticed is that the exhaust seems to get really hot, meaning when I stick my hand at the tail pipe it will burn your hand even when it has only been on 30 seconds, none of my other cars are like this. We have not had any real problems with this vehicle other than this and I would normally take it to a dealer but with me being in construction it is out of the question now because the trades don’t pay that good anymore. Would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks

May 312013

I had my transmission serviced, less than a 100 miles later it started to slip, checked the fluid and was low filled didnt get any better, 200 miles later it is shot my question is should the mechanic that serviced it have seen any problems

Dec 142011

I have a 1998 Lincoln Town Car, and I am having an issue with the power windows. Almost all new parts at this point. New motors, switches, etc. This problem is just affecting the front driver’s window, in the it will not raise and lower. Here is what has been done so far: I put in a brand-new window motor. Didn’t solve it. So, I ordered a new modulator. Put that in, that still did not fix the problem. Then we ordered a used switch panel, and it worked n and off temporarily for just a few days, then became very inconsistent, until it stopped working all together. So now we have replaced it with an entire brand-new switch panel. Still, the other three windows work perfectly (as before), but the driver’s front window will not go up or down. WHen I try it, you hear the clicking of the switch and the slight sound from the door as if it was going to “try” to lower or raise the window, but it will not do anything. And before, when the other used switch worked interittently, the movement of the window up and down was fluid and very responsive. SO I am thinking nothing is actually stuck in the track or anything. At this point, after all of those new parts and such I am at a loss, and I am hoping among mope that someone might have any leads on what to check next? It would be such a wonderful CHristmas gift for the family if I could fix this window. Thanks very much, everyone!