Dim Signal Bulb 2001 Lincoln Town Car Signature

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Sep 032019

headlight ground

Left turn signal is dim, replacing bulb doesn’t work, using contact cleaner on any part of wiring or bulb connections or plugs hasn’t worked. any idea what the problem could be or the cost? its just the one bulb in the whole assembly that is dim and replacing of bulb does nothing.

You have tried some of the first steps when diagnosing a dim bulb. The next step would be to clean the ground connection for the bulb. This is the most common cause for a dim bulb. I am not talking about the ground connection in the bulb socket. I am referring to the ground from the wiring harness connecting to the frame/body.

“Simply clean the ground connection to restore the brightness of dim headlights. And apply a little dielectric grease. Or replace the bulb if you see a gray/brown film on the inside of the glass.”

Source: Family Handy Man

No Start 2008 Lincoln Town Car Signature L

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Jul 292019

Lincoln Towncar

I need help. Almost a week ago while I was actively driving my 2008 Lincoln Town Car Signature L {which has 400,000 miles on it}, the only reason I noticed something was wrong, was because, the car started slowing down on its’ own, one digit at a time. Pressing the gas pedal no longer did anything. However, 100% of everything else about the car was acting perfectly normal and flawless. The dash still looked 100% normal. All the lights on the dash were functioning perfectly normal. There wasn’t even a check engine light, or any other type of warning light whatsoever. I allowed the car to coast until it stopped on its’ own. And it will no longer start; it only cranks. I had it towed to my house, and have since installed so many brand-new parts, that, it’s unbelievable. Approximately three days prior to this incident, I installed all brand-new factory Motorcraft platinum spark plugs, all brand-new factory Motorcraft ignition coils, and a new fuel filter. The car was running as flawless as silk. Plugging a cheap scanner into the car while the key is in the ACC position yields absolutely no information whatoever. Since this incident occurred, the following are all the brand-new parts I have installed:
Interstate battery, factory Motorcraft fuel pump, EGR valve, MAF sensor, fuel pressure sensor, crank position sensor, camshaft position sensor, throttle position sensor, fuel relay, ignition coil relay, and pcm relay, and, the rest of the fuses look flawless. The car STILL will not start!!!!! It only cranks!! My only last resort is to assume that the computer died, which would be unbelievable. Is there anything else I am missing? Ford Motor Company made the bastardized decision to permanently discontinue ALL Lincoln Town Car computers!!! I don’t want to install a used computer. I want to find someone who will remanufacture the original computer with 100% brand-new circuit boards. Most PCM companies only fix the sections that became defective, and leave the working sections alone. This means they are actually mixing old parts with new parts!!! This is an obscene SCAM!!!

It is best to figure out what the engine is not getting and concenrate on that area. An engine needs 4 things to run.

  1. Spark
  2. Fuel
  3. Compression
  4. Timing – all the above at the right time

In most cases if you are not getting both spark and fuel(Injector Pulse) the computer or computer fuse is at fault. Spraying starting fluid in the air filter should be an easy test to tell if you have spark.

We have taken the time to develop a step by step No Start diagnostic chart for occasions such as this one. Select the chart image on the page to enlarge it for better viewing.

Feb 282019

When driving the car shakes and the check engine light flashes. What could it be?

Anytime the check engine light flashes the engine should be turned off and repaired before permanent damage is done. The most likely cause for this problem would be an engine misfire. You will want to start by have the engine codes pulled with a scan tool. This process is generally referred to as computer diagnostics.

Sep 052018

1962 Lincoln Continental

Single click and nothing else

I have a 1962 Lincoln Continental hardtop with a 430. It was running fine until a week ago. Suddenly, out of nowhere, when you turn on the ignition, there’s a single click and nothing else. This click is coming from the external starter motor relay. I replaced the relay and I’m getting exactly the same thing. The battery is brand new and fully charged. When I turn the ignition switch, the voltage across the battery terminals drops to 12.05. So it can’t be the battery. There’s a 0.07 volt drop between the positive battery terminal and the post on the starter regardless of whether the ignition switch is turned or not. There’s a 0.00 volt drop (so no drop at all) between the negative post of the battery and the starter motor housing when the ignition is off and a 0.03 volt drop when the ignition is engaged. So if my understanding is correct, there’s no significant voltage drop. Is the starter motor broken?

Replacing the Starter motor would be the fix. This is of course after you confirm the wiring is good from the Starter solenoid to the Starter along with the connections.

Starter Motor Brush Replacement

  1. Remove the starter from the engine.
  2. Remove the starter drive plunger lever cover and gasket.
  3. Loosen and remove the brush cover band and remove the brushes from their holder.
  4. Remove the two through-bolts from the starter frame.
  5. Separate the drive end housing, starter frame and brush end plate assemblies.
  6. Remove the starter drive plunger lever and pivot pin, and remove the armature.
  7. Remove the ground brush retaining screws from the frame and remove the brushes.
  8. Cut the insulated brush leads from the field coils, as close to the field connection point as possible.
  9. Clean and inspect the starter motor.
  10. Replace the brush end plate if the insulator between the field brush holder and the end plate is cracked or broken.
  11. Position the new insulated field brush leads on the field coil connection. Position and crimp the clip provided with the brushes to hold the brush leads to the connection. Solder the lead, clip, and connection together using resin core solder. Use a 300 watt soldering iron.
  12. Install the ground brush leads to the frame with the retaining screws.
  13. Install the starter drive plunger lever and pivot pin, and install the armature.
  14. Assemble the drive end housing, starter frame and brush end plate assemblies.
  15. Install the two through-bolts in the starter frame. Tighten the through-bolts to 55-75 inch lbs. (6.2-8.5 Nm).
  16. Install the brushes in their holders and install the brush cover band.
  17. Install the starter drive plunger lever cover and gasket.
  18. Install the starter on the engine as previously outlined.
Aug 272018

Lincoln Towncar

The check engine light is on solid. The code P0183 which is the” fuel temperature sensor” is not happy. I have two questions about this code, where is this sensor located and what is the part number of the sensor.
I have called eight parts store and four Lincoln/ford dealers trying to get these two questions answered and got no ware. Please help me if you can to solve this baffling problem.

It is very strange that even dealers cant come up with answers. Is it possible that something else is triggering this code and it is not the fuel temperature sensor at all.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
PS: The car starts and runs just fine. 2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature series

Fuel Temperature Sensor

I went ahead and looked up the part for you. I double checked to make certain this is an exact fit for your 2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature series.

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Fuel Temperature Sensor Location

The fuel temperature sensor is located on the fuel rail. It is the same sensor as the fuel pressure sensor. One vacuum line, 2 screws and one electrical plug.

fuel temperature sensor

Item Part Number Description
1 14A464 Fuel rail pressure and temperature sensor electrical connector
2 9E498 Fuel rail pressure and temperature sensor vacuum connector
3 N808874 Fuel rail pressure and temperature sensor bolts (2 required)
4 9F972 Fuel rail pressure and temperature sensor
5 Fuel rail pressure and temperature sensor O-ring

Code P0183 – Fuel Temperature Sensor A Circuit High Input

Probable Causes:

  1. Sensor or solenoid faulty
  2. Connector terminal contact is damaged or corroded
  3. Wire harness – Check harness for correct voltage, open, short to ground or short to voltage
  4. Update control unit software – Check for the latest control unit update
  5. Powertrain or Engine Control Module faulty

How to fix drivers seat that wont go up or down? 2010 Lincoln Town Car

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Aug 222018

Lincoln Towncar

repair or replace motor?

Drivers seat that wont go up or down

First determine if the motor is getting power from the switch. And if not, is the switch getting power. If you find the switch operating as it should and power getting to the motor, it may need to be replaced. Next, check all connections and test motor with both battery positive and negative.

The up and down function wires coming from the switch are RED/LT GREEN and YELLOW/LT GREEN. The black wire on the switch is connected to battery negative(ground). Use the wiring diagram provided to get an idea of how the circuit works.

Drivers Side Seat Circuit Wiring Diagram

Mar 142018

2012 Lincoln MKT

How to replace radiator?

Radiator Replacement Procedure – 2012 Lincoln MKT 3.7L

Removal and Installation

  1. Drain the cooling system.
  2. Remove the cooling fan motor and shroud.
  3. Remove the front bumper cover.
  4. Disconnect the upper radiator hose and lower degas bottle hose from the radiator.
  5. Disconnect the lower radiator hose from the radiator.
  6. NOTE: LH shown, RH similar.

Lift the tabs and remove the radiator support brackets and position the radiator toward the engine.

radiator tabs diagram
7.Remove the 2 A/C condenser bolts from the radiator and separate the condenser from the radiator. •To install, tighten to 6 Nm (53 lb-in).
8. NOTE: Make sure the bottom radiator insulators are in place when installing the radiator.
Remove the radiator.
9.To install, reverse the removal procedure.
10.Fill and bleed the cooling system.

Dec 012017

2003 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 2003 Lincoln Town Car Signature Premium. Great shape, low miles, excellent condition. Everything worked perfectly until yesterday! I noticed the battery terminals were corroded so I cleaned them. After I put them back on NOW the drivers side seat controls do not work, the mirror controls do not work, the air suspension light on the dash stays on and the power steering is barely working. I have checked ALL fuses (interior and exterior), checked the connections beneath the seat, the power steering fluid is full. I have disconnected the battery to let the modules reset…still nothing works. Any ideas?

Problems after cleaning battery terminals

Like you said, it was fine until you touched it. You cleaned the battery terminals which was the right thing to do. I would guess somehow some wiring got touched where it wasn’t supposed to or caused a brittle wire to break. But lets look at the wiring diagrams (provided below)of each circuit and see if we can find a connection.

Taking a quick look I can see the power mirrors and drivers power seat both share the same GROUND connection, G207. And looking at the electronic suspension and electronic power steering I can see they share the same TWO FUSES, number 8 and 10. You might want to double check those fuses not only to see if they are good, but that they have power going to them. Then check the ground connections for the rest.  If the corrosion was bad enough, there might be some additional corrosion in the battery cables themselves. If so, replacing the cables would be the next move.

  • mirror fuses 18, 30 ground G207
  • seat fuse 108 ground G207
  • electronic suspension fuses 8,10,114 and Electronic power steering connected from Air Suspension Module Pin 26 (LT GRN/BLK wire)- grounds G102 and G405
  • electronic power steering fuses 8, 10 ground G201


Power Mirrors with electronic day/night mirror wiring diagram


Drivers power seat circuit wiring diagram


Electronic suspension wiring diagram


Electronic power steering wiring diagram