Dec 242014

I have multiple issues going on with car. The main question that I have, is: If car stalls, and won’t move, or even when it seems to be running ok, does this necessarily mean that I have tranny problems ? Some of the probable other issues that I think might be relevant. Cylinder head probably blown. Vacuum lines either hooked up wrong, or not at all. Significant coolant leaks, so not able to use a core tester.

Mechanic has it now, and I’m just concerned about being taken for a ride.

Feb 202013

recently purchased two weeks ago, clock was flashing 12:00(note). shortly after leaving the dealer within 10 miles I stopped for a quick lunch, went out to start car and in the process goes through the check mode. this is the first time i encountered the ” stability control failure” message in the info center. I cleared the message and went on my way. Two days later this comes up on the info center and now stays. putting two and two together the dealer cleared the code by disconnecting the battery and resetting. ok, so took it to a shop to read the code and the general description is related to the YAW SENSOR. Curious how big of a project this can turn into if it is a sensor? The ABS works but the ESP now does not, but did when I test drove it. The dealer is willing to cover some of the cost for the repair to a certain point or my other option is give the car back for my trade or refund. In your professional opinion does this sound like an expensive fix? Thanks

Jul 092010


There is a connector on the right rail at the bottom of the drivers seat.  My connector is disconnected and my “airbag disconnected” waring light is illuminated.

I had to pull the seat to get to the connector.   My problem is I can’t find a receptor for the connection.  What does it plug into?


Oct 262009

My 2001 SAAB 9.5 shuts down in the middle of driving….we have changed the alternator and battery because it did not want to start…and needed jumped all the time….now, if it feels like it, it will start, but after driving it for a while, all the dashboard lights turn on, and it just shuts off in the middle of driving….if it sits a couple hours, it will start back up again…sometimes when the key is turned, it just ticks, ticcks, ticks…..sometimes it will start…..HELP !!!! could the relay box be causing this problem?