Jun 052017

2006 Scion XBMy car has been over heating when AC is on. I noticed the AC fan wont kick on either. After my sitting for a month my car wouldn’t start. We jumped it showed signs of alternator failure. Would this most likely be the serpentine belt? Or any ideas so I don’t go out buying stuff I don’t need. Thanks

If the serpentine belt is missing, it should take care of some issues installing a replacement.

Jul 312012

I have a scion tc 2005. Its been making a spring like grinding sound from the drivers side front end when accelerating at low speed, hitting the brakes at low speed and sometimes when turning the wheel. Its almost a squeaking but more defined. I am thinking strut but maybe it could be a bushing? Im not sure, but the car was in an accident and in order to get it in alignment I had to have a drivers side front end suspension clip installed. The sound was never present even after the accident until the clip was put in. Is it possible the strut was bad when the used suspension clip was purchased. Im pretty sure if a bushing was bad my mechanic would have noticed it. Please Help!