Installed battery backwards E28 518i 5 series BMW (1986)

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Mar 142020


Hello, instead of connecting the positive terminal of the battery to the starter motor, I connected it to ground. At first I did not see any spark because the ground terminal was disconnected. But when i approached the ground wire to the battery negative terminal a spark appeared. After fixing my mistake, the fuel pump does not stop when the key is turned to “start” position and there is no crank.

What is the most common fault that it is expected to have from my mistake? Fried ECU? Fried starter? Bad ground connection? Thank you

Double check your connections and then make sure the battery is fully charged. Check the related fuses and relays. Sounds like the fuel pump relay is stuck on. I don’t think you harmed the starter. If you hurt anything it would be the battery.

Code P0420 Catalytic Converter 2013 Chevy Cruze Lt 1.4L

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Mar 122020

Chevy Cruze

Hello, I have the p4020 code on my code reader so I’m going to change the catalytic converter but I’m kind of confused and I don’t know anything about cars. Can I get just the catalytic converter by itself or do I have to get one that’s connected to the exhaust manifold? Thank you for your time and help.

I think you intended to say Code P0420.

You can purchase a universal catalytic converter but it will have to be welded into place instead of bolted. And it may take some serious fabricating that in turn may end of costing more money. Not to mention it will take more time. No need to buy the entire manifold either.

An OEM Catalytic converter would be the best way to go for most individuals that aren’t equipped with welder or welding skills. Like this Front one available form Amazon: Davico 19518 Catalytic Converter

Gaskets are included with this catalytic converter. Made in the USA but not legal for use in California.

Not what you are going to need but just for example. Here is a picture of a rear catalytic converter for the 2013 Chevy Cruze:


Labor Time for 1.4L Chevy Cruze Catalytic Converter
Model Year Skill Code Factory Time LABOR Time
 Cruze, Cruze Limited,
   Front ………………………….. 2011-16 B 0.6 0.8
   Rear …………………………… 2011-16 B 0.8 1.1

Before you make a purchase take the time to look at what you have and what you need and order accordingly.

2015 Polo Vivo steering was creaking

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Mar 122020


Took my vehicle in for a service at VW, Told them there was a slow leak coming from the brake pedal dripping onto the car mat(thin lightly brown to transparent) and my steering was creaking, among other issues with the vehicle.

AT The Shop

They then sent a quote for a new steering column (M V 6QS423510F N/Stock Steer Col)

When I called for them to give a detailed report of where the component had failed they then told me it was the power steering fluid reservoir that was actually leaking, which still does not explain the leak at my break pedal and the creaking in my steering wheel. So they then said because the reservoir and the steering column are one fixed unit in this vehicle they quoted for a steering column replacement.

The Cost to Repair

Please help me, this all does not make sense and they want to charge me R12 000 (total quote R24000), a 1/4 the value of the vehicle for something that seems to be misdiagnosed in my opinion.

Main Points – Steering column (entire power steering is a fixed system), causes of creaking in steering wheel.

The fluid that is leaking on the brake pedal is power steering fluid not brake fluid. There is no brake fluid anywhere around the pedal that would leak onto the floor mat. So I think the mechanic or serviceman that told you the problem is not the brakes, is in fact telling you the truth about that.

You do have a noise or issue with the steering and they are telling you that it is from an issue in the power steering column. The Reservoir is part of the column and can not be replaced separately according to the shop.

So maybe call around to a different shop and see if somehow they have the part available separately?

03 eclipse gt 3.0l v6 fuel rail clip

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Mar 112020

Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have 2 plastic hooks or something similar that hold the fuel rail in place and currently one of the 2 hooks broke off, would that cause my cars engine to bog down and nearly die when I’m braking and slowing down if the fuel rail moves?

No. If the fuel rail were to move enough to do something you would notice fuel spraying all over under the hood and leaking onto the ground. Not to mention the ability to smell raw gas.

Fuel Pressure Relief

Before any fuel system service can be performed, pressure in the fuel system must be released to prevent personal injury or damage to the vehicle.

Diamante & Mirage

1. Raise rear seat cushion.
2. Disconnect body and fuel wiring harnesses under floor carpet.
3. Start engine and let run it until it stalls.
4. Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
5. Connect wiring harnesses and install rear seat cushion.

Eclipse & Galant

1. Disconnect fuel pump relay.
2. Start engine and let run it until it stalls.
3. Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
4. Connect fuel pump relay.


1. Remove rear seat and fuel pump protector.
2. Disconnect fuel pump module electrical connector.
3. Start engine and let run it until it stalls.
4. Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
5. Connect fuel pump module electrical connector, then install protector and rear seat .


1. Turn ignition switch to LOCK position.
2. Fold second seat down.
3. Remove upper and lower service hole covers and packing.
4. Disconnect fuel pump module connector.
5. Start engine and let run it until it stalls.
6. Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
7. Connect fuel pump module electrical connector.

Montero Sport

1. Disconnect fuel pump relay.
2. Start engine and let run it until it stalls.
3. Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
4. Connect fuel pump relay.


1. Remove rear seat and fuel pump protector.
2. Disconnect fuel pump module electrical connector.
3. Start engine and let run it until it stalls.
4. Turn ignition switch to OFF position.
5. Connect fuel pump module electrical connector, then install protector and rear seat .

D4 indicator light comes 1995 Honda Odyssey LX

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Mar 112020


D4 indicator light comes on when ignition is turned on (does NOT blink); goes off in a few seconds or as soon as the engine is started. All the online comments I have found relate to the D4 light blinking. Any clues as to the light being on without blinking for only a few seconds? Car drives normally and I don’t notice any difference in transmission operation (I’ve been driving this car since early 2007).

Yes it would seem that there are more instances with the D4 light flashing than the D4 light just coming on. But in just about all cases the issue has to do with a fault in the transmission computer. Since the light goes out quickly, i do not think you are quite at the point of needing to repair it just yet. The ol’ “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” bit comes to mind.

D4 indicator light staying on video – FIXED

Code P0324 and P0496 on my 2013 Chevy Cruze

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Mar 102020

2011 Chevy Cruze

I drive a 2013 Chevy Cruze. My check engine light came on. The codes are P0324 and two instances of P0496. Is it possible for me to buy a part and replace it myself, or will I have to take it to a shop?

The two codes are not related. They are completely separate systems. So each code will need to be diagnosed separately. With that in mind I try to approach the issues by looking for anything that might be in common with both codes. And looking my first thoughts are bad fuel. Having contaminated or poor grade fuel would cause the knock sensor to set a code and may also cause a EVAP Code.

What can I do?

Drive the vehicle easy until the fuel tank is below 1/4 tank. Then at a different fueling station, fill up with high octane. This will mix with what is left in the tank and bring down the Octane level in the process. So make sure to chose the highest octane available. It will then take 10 to 20 miles for the fuel to mix and flow through the already full fuel filter. At that point you can clear the codes and test drive to see if the light comes back on.

Should the check engine codes reappear you will need to approach each code separately.

Chevy Code P0324

Code P0324 Knock Sensor Control Sensor Error

The knock sensors enable the engine control module(ECM) to control the ignition timing for the best possible performance while protecting the engine from potentially damaging levels of detonation. The knock sensors produce an alternating current (AC) voltage signal that varies depending on the on the vibration level during engine operation. The ECM adjusts the spark timing based on amplitude and the frequency of the two knock sensor signals. The ECM receives the two knock sensor signals through 2-isolated circuits. The ECM learns a minimum knock sensor noise level for all of the engine speed ranges. The ECM monitors for a normal knock sensor signal. The ECM monitors the two internal knock sensor processors by verifying a 20KHz signal generated on the signal circuits is detected on the sensors’ low reference circuits.

Action taken when Code P0324 is set

The ignition timing is retarded to reduce the potential of engine damaging spark knock.

Chevy Code P0496

Code P0496 EVAP System High Purge Flow

LED Replacement Bulbs, Works instead of OEM

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Mar 102020


I’m currently driving a Sg11 sjx 2011 Vauxhall insignia CDTI eflex 2.0. I’ve had the headlight units replaced. The current bulbs aren’t bright enough they seem damaged. Can I upgrade to LEDs as the current ones aren’t bright enough? Also the daylight/sidelights are yellow and not very bright. I was told by the garage that the LEDs I’d bought weren’t suitable, can you advise please?

You may have to upgrade the electronics in order to run LEDs you bought. If the headlight assembly is discolored you may be better off spending the effort in replacing it instead of the bulbs.

LED Replacement Bulbs

This outfit called “Cougar Motor LED” headlight bulbs states that their bulbs are plug and play. Meaning you can use these in place of your original bulbs without need to upgrade your computer system.

Cougar Motor claims you can replace these bulbs out yourself in about 20 minutes. These bulbs are said to be 200% brighter than stock Halogen headlights.  Powerful turbofan with 10,000RPM provides super cooling ability. More than 50,000 hours of Brilliant continuous-light.

Should I let my car warm up before driving?

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Mar 062020


Some will warm the car for about 10 mins.or longer before leaving. Other will leave before car is throwing heat. Which is correct?

Both depending on the situation they are.

Lets suppose it is 10 degrees outside. You are getting ready to take your 6 month old baby to the sitters so you can go get your tags renewed. You might want to let the vehicle warm up for the safety of the child. Now lets go further. Lets say the car is setting outside and the windows are covered in icy snow. It will take the car warming up and defrosting the windshield before you can safely see while operating the vehicle.

There is two sides to most stories. So we will also look at a sunny 70 degree day and no passengers. No need to warm the vehicle. Get in it and go. The vehicle has many sensors that are designed to do all the work.

As far as the vehicle is concerned, the manufacturer does not suggest that you allow it to warm up before driving. It has no effect on the warranty either.

2012 Hyundai Elantra no display on dash

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Mar 062020

2012 Hyundai Elantra
Starts fine but no display on dash for transmission position (P, R, etc…), fuel level, oil temp, rpm, mph. Directional indicator on dash works and regular lights seem to work (no check engine light).

I check all fuses and found nothing wrong. Shifter is locked but can be unlocked with shift release lock. I replaced the LED headlights today and replaced burnt out license plate lights today as well.

This same thing happened a long time ago as well but dealership charged diagnostic fee and gave me the runaround thinking I knew absolutely nothing about the problems in the car (said I had to replace the whole cluster, said lights were out, tried to say everything was wrong with the car, etc…). When I went to pick up the car to bring to my mechanic it was totally fine so I’m sure this is not a big problem. Car was running fine yesterday after getting it detailed.

Can you give me a possible solution?
XXXXXX[email protected]

Not a whole lot on this particular issue out there. I would guess that if it was all working fine until you had it detailed that maybe something got unplugged by accident.

Dash light problem solved – video

Fuse Box 2005 Chevy Trailblazer 5.3 v8

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Mar 032020

2005 Chevy Trailblazer

I can’t find an engine fuse box for the trailblazer but would one of these fit in my trailblazer?

RAINIER 05 5.3L”,”ENVOY XL 05 5.3L”,”ENVOY XUV 05 5.3L”,

The seller of a fuse box unit 15210962 Module 151-9c3 states that the Envoy and Trailblazer are similar.
For Reference Only:
2004-2005 GMC Envoy Fuse Box Relay Unit
2004-2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer Fuse Box Relay Unit
Please make sure to match the part number of the item with the one you have. All computers have to be reprogrammed through dealership. We do not provide reprogramming service. We are also not responsible for any kind of labor cost or reprogramming cost.