Jun 282018

Dodge Caravan

AC condensation is dripping into the passenger side floorboard.

This is an indication of a clogged evaporator drain plug in the air conditioning system. It is quite common for leaves and dirt to build up and clog this drain. When the drain becomes clogged the condensation builds until it leaks into the passenger floor. You may be able to just slip a screw driver up in the end of it and unclog it. This is easier to get to from underneath.

Ford Evaporator core drain plug location diagram
This a close up of what the tube looks like.
Drain Tube Evaporator core housing

Jun 272018

Chevy Impala

Car is overheating after replacing the radiator, radiator fans, water pump and thermostat. The is fan not working on the passenger side and ac blows hot on one side and cool on the other side.

It sounds like you have more than one problem going on. Neither problem is related to the other. One problem ids the engine overheating. The other problem is the AC blows hot in one side.

Overheating after replacing the radiator

This is pretty common after the cooling system has been worked on. Air is often trapped inside the system and needs to be bled out.

2001 Chevy Impala coolant system bleeding

(best viewed with Google Chrome)

AC blows hot on one side

This is very common of a failed blend door actuator. Replacing the failed actuator will take core of the air conditioning problem. The AC will blow cold out both sides once again.

Air Temperature Actuator Replacement – Left Side

Removal Procedure
  • Remove the left instrument panel insulator.
  • Remove the knee bolster bracket bracket.


  • Disconnect the electrical connector from the left air temperature actuator.
  • Remove the mounting screws from the left air temperature actuator.


  • Remove the left air temperature actuator.
Installation Procedure
  • Position the left air temperature actuator, then align the slots in the electric actuator driver to the flats on the shaft.
  • Align the locating hole to the alignment pin on the HVAC module case.
  • Slide the actuator on the shaft. The actuator driver should seat completely on to the shaft and the mounting holes should be flush with the mounting screws on the HVAC module case.
  • Install the mounting screws to the left air temperature actuator.

Tighten the left air temperature actuator screw to 1.5 N·m (13 lb in).

  • Connect the electrical connector to the left air temperature actuator.
  • Install the knee bolster bracket bracket.
  • Install the left instrument panel insulator.
Jun 182018

Jeep Commander

No start after radio replacement

My son replaced his radio yesterday and now the jeep will not crank. He has tested the battery, alternator, and starter. He has also checked the spark plugs. He replaced the ignition switch and the jeep seems like its trying to crank but it is not turning over. He is thinking this may be related to something electrical.

He, your son, is most likely correct in thinking it is something electrical. It worked just fine before it was worked on. So most likely a fuse was blown or a wire shorted during the installation of said radio. Checking all the fuses is a safe place to start. Then move on to double checking all the work done during the radio replacement.

Engine Swap 2002 Jeep Liberty

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Jun 182018

2003 Jeep Liberty

I have a 2003 liberty engine. I was wondering if there will be any setbacks, problems, or augmentations I will have to make to have it fit into my 2002 liberty.

As long as the engine size is the same(2.5L, etc) there should be no issues whatsoever.

Jun 132018

Honda Pilot

My A/C blower motor stopped working

My A/C blower motor stopped working. I removed it and checked voltage at the plug, 12.4vdc. When I plug it back in, it starts momentarily, but stops. It’s a nonreturnable part based on its electrical nature, so I want to be sure this is the problem.

Use a different source of power when testing the blower motor. I use a Power Probe when doing this in the shop. It allows you to apply power at a push if a button. If you do not have one you can use jumper wires from the battery also. If you find your blower motor is functioning just fine with a separate power source, check your blower motor resistor next.

Power Probe III – Automotive Circuit Tester

Shop Automotive

Blower Motor Replacement

Blower Motor

blower motor diagram 2004 Honda Pilot

Item Part Number Description
1 W701696 Vacuum reservoir screw
2 19A566 Vacuum reservoir
3 Blower motor electrical connector (part of 14401)
4 W701696 Blower motor screw (3 required)
5 19805 Blower motor

Removal and Installation

  1. Remove the vacuum reservoir screw.
  1. Position the vacuum reservoir aside.
  1. Disconnect the blower motor electrical connector.
  1. Remove the 3 blower motor screws.
  1. Remove the blower motor.
  1. Remove the blower motor wheel from the blower motor.
    1. Remove the push clip.
    1. Remove the blower motor wheel.

blower motor wheel

  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
Jun 132018

2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

Heat blows on the passenger side

heat blows on the passenger side, cold air out of the vents on driver side when a/c is on. Sometimes works properly for a short time on trips to Atlanta from Jackson, MS. I can hear a screeching sound sometimes when turned on. No thumping though as I’ve seen in the u-tube videos. This is going on the last 1-2 years. Has 140,000 on the mileage. The noise is coming from behind the center console I think. Is there a right and separate left blend door mechanism? or just one? Does this mean the the right door actuator needs to be replaced? Or, the actual door? Or, both?

There are two separate temperature blend doors. one for the drivers side and on for the passenger side.

Temperature Blend Door Actuator — RH, EATC

blend door actuator 2008 Ford Explorer

Item Part Number Description
1 RH temperature blend door actuator electrical connector (part of 14401)
2 W701696 RH temperature blend door actuator screw (3 required)
3 19E616 RH temperature blend door actuator

Removal and Installation

  1. Remove the RH floor console finish panel.

blend door actuator location diagram 2008 Ford Explorer

  1. Lower the glove compartment.
  1. Disconnect the RH temperature blend door actuator electrical connector.
  1. Remove the 3 RH temperature blend door actuator screws.
  1. Remove the RH temperature blend door actuator.
  1. To install, reverse the removal procedure.
Jun 132018

2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer

My question has to do with a/c clutch on the compressor. it fell off. AC Clutch Inspection shows bolt holding the clutch in place broke off with some of it lodged in the compressor. It had to break off for a reason. Is the compressor shaft stuck so that it won’t turn. or just a bad bolt?

AC Compressor Clutch Failure

ac compressor clutch 2008 Ford Explorer

In most cases the air conditioning systems AC clutch failure is caused from bearing failure. When the bearings start to fail it creates excessive heat. The excessive heat may damage other parts of the compressor. This can cause internal o-rings to become damaged as well. My automotive advice is to replace the entire compressor assembly.

Jun 132018

Ford Explorer

Wouldn’t start at all

My 1994 Ford Explorer started getting a little hard to start about a week ago sometimes. Usually after it has been running for awhile. It did not overheat. But this morning it wouldn’t start at all, it turns over good but acts like it’s out of gas, but it’s not. I let it sit a few hours and it started but then wouldn’t start again after I let it run a few minutes. It is getting air but don’t know about fuel or spark.

Sounds like you are are the right track with your diagnostics. Here is a no start diagnostic chart that may help you with issue.


Jun 052018

2008 Chevy Impala

I have a service stabilitrak and service traction control on on board warnings….Also some loss of power and the check engine light blinks from time to time.

Service StabiliTrak

If your vehicle has Electronic Stability Control (ESC), this message displays if there has been a problem detected with ESC. The ESC/TCS light also appears on the instrument panel cluster.

If this message turns on while you are driving, pull off the road as soon as possible and stop carefully. Try resetting the system by turning the ignition off and then back on. If this message still stays on or turns back on again while you are driving, your vehicle needs service. Have the system inspected by your dealer/retailer as soon as possible.

Electronic Stability Control Indicator Light


This light comes on briefly while the engine is started. If it does not, have the vehicle serviced by your dealer/retailer. If the system is working normally the indicator light will then go off.

This light can come on after the vehicle is first driven and the STABILITRAK NOT READY message appears in the Driver Information Center (DIC).

If the light stays on, or comes on while driving a SERVICE STABILITRAK message appears in the DIC. This indicates that there may be a problem with the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system and the vehicle may need service. When this warning light is on and the SERVICE STABILITRAK message appears on the DIC, the ESC system does not assist in controlling the vehicle.

When the system is active, the light flashes while the system is assisting in controlling the vehicle.