Oct 142018

2010 Chavy Impala

My automatic headlight won’t shut off.

This is common of a sticking relay. You will want to look for the DRL Relay. DRL = Daytime Running Lights.

DRL Relay Location

The DRL Relay is located in the underhood fuse block on the right side of the engine compartment. Look under the lid of the fuse block for exact location diagram.

Daytime Running Lamps (DRL)/Automatic Headlamp System

Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) can make it easier for others to see the front of your vehicle during the day. Fully functional daytime running lamps are required on all vehicles first sold in Canada.

The DRL system makes the low-beam headlamps come on at a reduced brightness when the following conditions are met:

  • The ignition is in the ON/RUN position.
  • The exterior lamps control is in AUTO.
  • The engine is running.

When the DRL are on, the regular headlamps, taillamps, sidemarker, and other lamps will not be on. The instrument panel and cluster will also not be lit.

The headlamps automatically change from DRL to the regular headlamps depending on the darkness of the surroundings. The other lamps that come on with the headlamps will also come on.

When it is bright enough outside, the headlamps will go off and the DRL will come on.

The regular headlamp system should be turned on when needed.

Do not cover the light sensor on top of the instrument panel because it operates the DRL.

Oct 112018

Save at the Pump

These days with the Economy driving Prices up the consumer needs to watch every penny. In Some households we are seeing the amount of money being spent on gas becoming greater than the house payment.

Luckily for us the fuel retailers are offering incentives to those who frequent there fueling stations. For example, you can pick up a speedy rewards card form Speedway or a U-Drive Card from United Dairy Farmers. How it saves you money is up to you. If you add a carwash at UDF, they will instantly knock off $.10 per gallon of gas. Buy 2 gallon of milk and they add the discount. But some ice cream get a discount added. All your discounts can be accumulated and used at your next purchase at the pump.

So just for buying the things you already buy anyway, they are saying thank you at the gas pump. Its nice to be able to save some money anyway you can and when you already are buying gas, why not save some there too. So take advantage of these offers and you will save money at the pump.

No Sign Up Fees

  • Earn every time you use the card
  • No annual fees
  • Points and discounts accumulate

Example Card Image:

gas card

Oct 112018

Jump starting a car

The time will come if it hasn’t already that you will need to jump start your car. Knowing the best way to jump start your car can be very useful and save you time. You Will need to make sure all the battery connections are clean so your jumper cables can make a good connection. You can use a wire brush or the if you have some hot coffee or tea handy, pour it on. This will eliminate the majority if any corrosion around the area. Now your ready to attach the jumper cables and in a specific order.

  1. Attach one red cable to the positive of the dead battery
  2. Connect the other end of that same cable to the positive of the good battery
  3. Attach one black cable to the negative of the good battery
  4. Connect the other end of the black cable to a good ground in the engine compartment of the dead battery. Clip it to a strut tower bolt, frame or alternator bracket.

jump start a car

Things you might need when jump starting a car

  • Eye protection
  • Rubber gloves
  • A hand towel or rag
  • Wire brush
  • Hot water or coffee
  • Jumper cables
Oct 112018

Buying Used Car

Thinking about buying a used car? Here are 10 things you might want to know before making your purchase..

  1. What year is the vehicle
  2. Does it have a clear title, no leans on it
  3. Does it have a salvage title
  4. Is there a check engine light on
  5. Are there any leaks
  6. Is there anything that doesn’t work
  7. How does it run, stop and steer
  8. What condition are the tires in
  9. Does the air conditioning work
  10. Do the windshield wipers work

These are a few things that can cost you a significant amount of money if they are in need of repair. Not all these items will keep the car from going down the road today, but how much do you want to spend in the future. Better yet, how much do you have to spend when it breaks in two weeks.

Look it over

Look it over very carefully. If you are not comfortable with it, don’t be shy about asking to have your mechanic look at the car. If the seller starts acting like he can’t have anyone but you look at it, there is probably a good reason to steer clear of this one.

Lets take our time and test drive it further than just around the block. Make sure you get the engine up to operating temperature. Check the windows go up and down ( average price of a window regulator replacement is around $250). Check the brakes for pulsation when stopping. Make sure the car isn’t pulling to one side or the other. Roll the windows down and listen for any mysterious noises. Make certain you know what you are about to spend your hard earned money on.

We all know its hard not to jump at the chance to have that bright red Mustang that you came across that is much cheaper than you expected, but odds are… there is a reason it is so cheap. So find out what it is and then decide if you can live with it or afford to fix the issue. You should be able to enjoy buying a used car once you know what to look for.

Oct 112018

Hidden Fees

Think about the last time you had to take your car in for a repair or routine service. Did you ask for an exact amount you could write the check for when you picked up your car before you authorized the repair? Did you go in with a coupon that said $14.95 oil change, Only to be charged much more when it was time to pay? This happens more often than you think.

You go to pay and find an extra fee from “Environmental Disposal Fee”, “Shop Supplies”, “Mechanics Tax”, “Thumb Tax” to some other made up “Miscellaneous Fee” to make you feel like the shop had to charge you for this extra fees.

The next time you go in for a service and have a coupon, look at the fine print for disposal fees and extras. You might decide the shop you’ve been going to is as up front about things as you thought. Make them put in writing the total amount you will have to pay when you return to pick up your car. This should help you avoid any Hidden Fees or Charges. And who knows, might even save you a buck or two along with avoiding unnecessary grief.

Example Coupon Image:
oil change coupon

Fees or Extras to Look Out For

  • Shop Supplies
  • Environmental Disposal Fees
  • Disposal Fees
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mechanics Tax
  • Thumb Tax
Oct 102018

1999 Dodge Durango

Only starts in neutral , no backup lights! neutral / safety switch bad? thanks in advance!

That would be my first thought, being the neutral switch. Or the gear shift cable is just out of adjustment.

Transmission Park/Neutral Switch

The park/neutral switch is located on the transmission housing and provides an input to the powertrain control module (PCM) This will indicate that the automatic transmission is in Park, Neutral or a drive gear selection. This input is used to determine idle speed (varying with gear selection), fuel injector pulse width, ignition timing advance and vehicle speed control operation.

Gearshift Cable

Check adjustment by starting the engine in Park and Neutral. Adjustment is OK if the engine starts only in these positions. Adjustment is incorrect if the engine starts in one but not both positions. If the engine starts in any position other than Park or Neutral, or if the engine will not start at all, the park/neutral position switch may be faulty.

Gearshift Adjustment Procedure

  1. Shift transmission into Park.
  2. Release cable adjuster lock (underneath the power brake booster) to unlock cable.
  3. Raise vehicle.
  4. Slide cable eyelet off transmission shift lever.
  5. Verify transmission shift lever is in Park detent by moving lever fully rearward. Last rearward detent is Park position.
  6. Verify positive engagement of transmission park lock by attempting to rotate propeller shaft. Shaft will not rotate when park lock is engaged.
  7. Slide cable eyelet onto transmission shift lever.
  8. Lower vehicle and check engine starting. Engine should start only in Park and Neutral.
  9. Lock shift cable by pressing cable adjuster clamp down until it snaps into place
Oct 082018

I need a standard trailer wiring diagram for a auto trailer. The supply side has a 5 position plug. 1ground, 4 colored supply wires, trailer has two tail lights with brake light capability. I misplaced my instructions. Need help identifying colors of trailer connections.

The 5 wire  diagram shows the addition of a wire for use on electric brakes or back up lights. Where as on the 4 wire diagram does not. Use the provided wiring diagrams below to assist you in your installation.

4 wire trailer wiring diagram

trailer wiring diagram

5 wire trailer wiring diagram

5 wire trailer wiring diagram

Towing Package Factory Wiring Harness

The trailer tow preparation wiring harness is connected to the body wire harness. It is located at the right and left outer rear lamp unit connections. After installation is complete, a trailer tow stop/turn relay is secured to the harness behind the rear bumper fascia just below each outer rear lamp unit. A trailer tow stop lamp relay is located on the underside of each outboard end of the rear bumper reinforcement behind the rear fascia. The four-way trailer tow connector is located near the center of the rear fascia.

Trailer/Towing wiring diagram – 2009 Dodge Journey

(Best Viewed in Google Chrome Browser)

Oct 032018

2003 Ford Thunderbird

What is the body code B2340?

Found no listing in the Repair Manuals for code B2340. Searched around and came across the following.

B2340 – Column Reach Motor Stalled

Source: Engine-codes.com, troublecodes.net/bcodes/


B2340 Ford Husky DTC Meaning

B Body Code – Problem is antilock brake system, electronic suspension and steering systems.
2 MFG – Manufacturer Specific
3 IC Module 4X Ref Circuit Intermittent, No Pulses
4 Control Module Throttle Actuator Position Performance
0 Transmission Engaged At High Throttle Angle

Source: http://enginedtc.com/b2340-ford-thunderbird

Oct 022018

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Windows, Locks, 1 Mirror problem. Front Driver door controls, lock switch only locks/unlocks front driver’s door. Window switches only open/close driver’s side front & rear windows. Front Passenger door switches do NOT lock/unlock doors or open/close windows. Rear driver’s door window switch works. Rear Passenger door window switch does NOT open/close the window. Keyless entry remotes do NOT work (Batteries are good) Interior lights come on with all door except the front passenger side. Driver’s mirror does adjust, Passenger mirror does NOT adjust. All wires running into the front doors have passed a continuity test. I’m leaning towards the Front Passenger side door module. What do you think?

I have found over the years that the wiring harness in the door jam becomes damaged easily. This is more common than you might think on older vehicles. Not the rule but worth checking. It is quite possible that the door module may be faulty or both.

Sep 172018

1993 Honda Accord

What would make my 1993 Honda Accord spark plug smell like diesel fuel?

Contaminated fuel. This is more common than you would expect. The same delivery trucks are sometimes used to transport different grades of fuel. Under normal operating procedures the tanks are flushed after each haul. This helps prevent contamination of diesel and regular grade fuels. When this step gets over looked there can be upwards of a 100 gallons being mixed in the next load.

When your fuel is contaminated the engine may struggle and have performance issues. The engine may “PING” on heavy acceleration. Though in the short term no damage should occur but if not corrected severe internal engine damage will. Feel free to drive that tank out and fill up at a different fueling station the go around. For large fuel tanks an Octane boost may be used to prevent engine ping.