Jul 252019

 Honda Accord

I recently installed a new idle air control valve. The car was starting to try to find the normal idle speed but I noticed that it started to momentarily loose power. It suddenly shut off but turned right on. As I drove the highway it started again. I made it about 20 miles and it stopped. Now it will start very momentarily but will not idle. I’ve checked the main relay and replaced the fuel pump.
Please help!!!!

Most common reason for this issue would be a vacuum leak. A quick test is to simply press down on the accelerator a tiny bit and start the engine. If it stays running, then you probably have a vacuum leak. And your old IAC was probably just fine.

Jul 252019

2008 Chevy ImpalaLast week something was put in my gas tank while I was at work. I am wondering if there is a way to get my car back up and running. I drove it for approx half a mile before it stalled out. Not sure what was put in it, could of been a number of things. But I do know that it was fluid because my gas gauge was about a quarter of a tank more than what I had in it before this occurred.

First of all sorry to hear that. To be on the safe side, you would need to have the fuel tank drained and the fuel filter replaced. The fuel tank may need to be flushed and the fuel lines flushed as well. Then of course fresh fuel put back in the tank and the fuel injectors tested.

Jul 252019

Nissan Altima

Hi there, my 2005 Altima will flood out the spark plus and the cambers with raw gas. I’ve changed the fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel line, and the ignition coils but seem to still have the same issue. Could it be a problem with the starter or timing chain? I’m just a little stuck because I did take the car to a mechanic and had them run a diagnostic and they thought they located the issue and change my air mass intake boot because it has a crack, I’m guessing they believed maybe a vacuum leak was the culprit but the car still floods out every time after I eventually get it started.

The first step would be to pull any existing trouble codes that may be stored in the computer. Then post them so we can dig deeper into the reason the codes may be stored. It may be a vacuum leak or a faulty sensor. An ECT sensor may be signalling to spray more fuel than needed. But instead of guessing, lets look at the codes first.

Jul 242019

Hyundai Sante Fe

I cannot get the hood of my Santa Fe open. The hood release lever on the panel beneath the dashboard does not pop the hood. We removed the lever and plastic panel and tried pulling on the cable that connects to the hood latch in front of the hood and it still won’t open. Help!!

Sometimes the need of attaching a pair of Vise Grips to the cable and then pulling is enough to get the job done. Other times wiggling and moving the hood around a bit at the same time does the trick. Has the car been in an accident? If there is damage to the hood or surrounding areas you may need to seek out a body shop for assistance.


Lastly, if you can see the mounting bolts after you have removed the front plastic cover, remove the mounting bolts on the hood latch itself.

Jul 202019

2005 KIA Sorento

On your page with the Pre-1996 OBD I KIA information, you say that you can do your own diagnostics and then give the steps. In step 2 you say “Observe the MIL and identify the trouble codes”. What is the MIL? and how do you identify the trouble codes?

MIL – Malfunction Indicator Light(Check Engine Light/Service Engine Soon)

Count the flashes to determine the corresponding number.

example. flash, flash, pause, flash, flash, flash, long pause, would be 23.

Hope this helps.

Jul 172019

1999 Honda Passport

AC is not working at all but all fuses and relays are good. The blower motor has 12volts and when i ground out the other wire it blows. The AC clutch doesn’t engage but i don’t think it is even getting a signal from the temp controls. Can a bad blower motor resistor stop the entire system from operating?

The AC clutch will not engage if the Freon is low. You can test the clutch by jumping across the low pressure switch with a paper clip. Make sure the selector switch for AC is on. The Blower is separate.  Generally if the blower resister is bad the blower will only work on high speed.

More than likely you just need to recharge your air conditioning system. Here is a video that shows you how easy it is to do it yourself.


Jul 172019


Oil light came on at the same time a little knocking or ticking from the top of the motor so I parked the car. Had a computer hooked up to it and it says that the variable timing valve was bad. Will that keep oil from motor and because of that I have this problem?

It can block oil flow. Also found a TSB on the Constant Variable Valve Timing Control Valve. It indicates that the use of an aftermarket oil filter flow rates differ and may affect the CVVT system performance.

The valve itself should not keep oil from the lower portion of the engine.