Feb 282019

When driving the car shakes and the check engine light flashes. What could it be?

Anytime the check engine light flashes the engine should be turned off and repaired before permanent damage is done. The most likely cause for this problem would be an engine misfire. You will want to start by have the engine codes pulled with a scan tool. This process is generally referred to as computer diagnostics.

Feb 282019

If you were going to cause a problem with the lights where the only problem was that the license plate lights somehow mysteriously came loose and fell inside the tailgate and you was ask to fix them what would you do? And you are wanting to use this same vehicle at times so you want to be able to make sure its simple enough to fix when you need it. There was no problems with the lights until the license plate lights were put back in place.

Then only the daytime running lights would work no headlights or taillights, but the brake lights and turn signals would work. It was blowing fuses immediately with the car on or off, and found that somebody had turned the AC on when it was not needed, after turning the AC off it stopped blowing fuses, but a trip 5 minutes down the road the wires at the license plate light that was just fixed got hot enough to burn when touched and was smoking.

Now the daytime running lights will not turn off had to remove the battery cables to turn them off. What could be done and where would be the best place? I was thinking a possible hot wire setup somewhere maybe. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even the obvious ( DO NOT LET SHADY A–HOLES WORK ON YOUR VEHICLE) Lesson learned.

License plate lights

First off, I prefer to correct problems instead of causing them. In diagnosing an issue, you can isolate and simplify. Then you may look for a common in all corresponding circuits.

Start with what was touched or worked on last. Start with the license plate lights. There is a common ground connection for many components including the license plates lights.

license plate wiring diagram 2000 Ford Explorer

Daytime Running Lights

In regards to the daytime running lights not turning off, this is usually caused by a failed relay sticking. In your case the issue may be a failed diode allowing power to back feed.

DRL wiring diagram


 suspect foul play?

Start by looking at the license plate bulb wiring and isolate it. Next see if they didn’t just run a hot wire from somewhere else. Finally inspect the fuse box for extra added wiring. Concentrate on the circuit that keeps blowing the fuse.

Feb 212019


Greetings, I had problems starting vehicle. Changed ecu & re-programed it. Still starting problems. Changed fuel pump, crankshaft pulse sensor, & fuse box. Did not do any re-programming after installing the pump, sensor, or fuse box. Car cranks but will not start. Do I need to program these parts also? Thanks

No, the only component that needs to be programmed is the ECU.

Feb 122019

Nissan Pathfinder

2000 Nissan Pathfinder V6 … New battery installed 1 week ago … Starts right up no problem …. Here’s what’s going on …. You’re driving along and everything is fine. Then suddenly the engine seems to slightly shake and then suddenly stalls! The ONLY strange thing (could be related or not) is that in very cold weather without a sufficient warmup, reverse is fine but once it’s in drive there seems to be a clunking noise which you can feel. Then it drives and runs okay!!! At a loss now, any idea’s?

Slightly shake and then suddenly stalls

First place to start would be pulling any check engine light codes.  May or may not show a code. If it does, post code back here in the comments. Most common cause for this issue would be the crankshaft and or camshaft position sensor failing.

For your transmission issue, check the fluid level. If it is full but dark and burnt looking instead of pinkish red, there may be internal damage. Check the color on a white paper towel. Having the transmission fluid and FILTER changed may correct this issue.

Feb 092019

Lexus RX300

No power and seemed to have cut off

A few weeks ago my 1999 Lexus RX300 started running rough and using more gas than usual. The check engine light had been on since I bought it in
September but there had been no issues before this. Took it to Advance Auto and had the computer scan done, Cylinder 1 and 6 misfires. Replaced
all coils and spark plugs, reset the light. Ran good for about 3 days then it was hard to start and keep running, figured it was cold natured and began
warming it up for 15 minutes or more before driving. A couple more days later the check engine light flashed a few times, car acted like it had died (no
power and seemed to have cut off), then the car was shaking and acted like it had been shifted down suddenly (transmission revving and RPms racing).
My dad ran a scan on it, but no codes or anything show up. The check engine light only comes on during these episodes, which last only a few
seconds, and seem to happen more when it’s cold (the weather or the car) and when I take my foot off the gas pedal to slow down. What could be
causing this?

My initial guess without looking at it would be the Intake Air Hose is loose. Check for loose hose clamps from the engine air cleaner/filter assembly that connects to the MAF Sensor. Or a loose hose at or around the MAF Sensor. Probably got knocked loose or accidentally left loose when it was worked on.

1999 Chevrolet Prizm 1.8 engine will not rotate

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Feb 062019

 GEO Prizm








Only clicks when try to start. Rotate engine by hand and it goes a quarter turn and stops in either direction. Any idea what could cause that?

First Remove all spark plugs before trying to rotate the engine by hand. This engine has a timing chain. So if you have recently been working on it, the timing may be off and the piston is hitting the valves. Under normal circumstances this will not occur. If the engine was making a lot of rattling before it stopped running, it is possible that there is an issue with the timing chain guide(2 & 4) or timing chain itself has broken.

timing chain diagram 1999 Chevy Prizm

4×4 light blinks 6 times every two minutes Mazda B4000

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Jan 312019

Mazda B4000

I just bought a mazda b4000 and the guy told me that I had to put in neutral to put on 4×4 and then put it in reverse when the light comes on but I’ve put it on drive to turn the 4×4 button (yeah I’m dumb😅) now the light blinks 6 times and then stops for 2-3 minutes even if the button is on 2 high and I cannot hear the transfer case motor… I have need help… it’s tough in Canadian winters on 2wd

4×4 light blinks 6 times every two minutes

4×4 Blinking Lights Possible Cause
  • Wiring
  • 4×4 shift motor
  • 4×4 fuse – Be sure to check FUSE#13 in the battery junction box under the hood.
  • GEM – Generic Electronic Module

Perform On Board Diagnostics with scan tool to retrieve DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)

  • Connect Scan Tool
  • Select Diagnostic Data Link
  • Next Select GEM – Generic Electronic Module
  • Finally Select RETRIEVE DTCs


Flashing lights usually means its stuck between 2 wheel high and 4 wheel high.

You can pull the shift motor and turn the **** with pliers.  Otherwise cleaning it or replacing it are your options.

Servicing a transfer case shift motor

sometimes you can tap on the motor and it may go in 4 wheel drive

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