Dec 212018

Battery light is on. Checked alternator, battery and wires. They are working properly. Not sure what to check next

Check the Belt and tensioner assembly. The battery light comes on when the battery is not being charged. This can be from the alternator not working. Bad connections to the battery or alternator.  A bad cell in the battery. If you are seeing that the alternator is charging, my guess would be the battery is faulty or you have a blown fuse.

Dec 212018

Is the replacement of the drive belt idler pulley on 1994 Volvo 960 L2.9 a do-or-yourself job? I have a belt detentioner and basic mechanical skills. The pulley seems accessible on front of block. Single bolt. Any pitfalls?

Serpentine Drive Belt, Replace

1. Rotate or lift the belt tensioner arm, using a suitable tool to relieve tension from drive belt.
2. Remove the drive belt.
3. Clean pulleys and inspect for any bent or damaged pulleys.
4. Reverse procedure to install.
Dec 212018

Roof stopped closing in middle of the operation. I had to use the manual lever to close but doesn’t lock into place. How can this be reset so the roof can be locked in again? Cheers

You will need to make the needed repairs in order for the sun roof to function properly.

Sun Roof Troubleshooting

Check voltage supply to fuse#9 and replace as needed. Ensure voltage is present at the sun roof switch terminal #10(Red Wire). Ensure voltage supply to stepping relay, motor, and microswitch is present at switch terminals #3(Yellow Wire) and #4(Blue Wire) by setting switch in different positions. Check all connections, wiring and grounds.

Dec 212018

Reverse gear is very very slow to engage when the GB is cold drive 100 meters about 30 ft and it will engage, but leave it standing it soon goes back to being difficult to engage. This has been a problem for seven years. I very recently changed the oil and filter, the oil pan was clean with no swarf on the magnet. All gears shift smoothly with no slip

Dec 202018

Fuel pump diagram 1993 Dodge W150

I just bought this truck and it needed a fuel pump. The fuel pump was replaced with the wrong fuel pump before. I ordered a new fuel pump, but it is quite different. It has an return and outlet line. The truck only has an outlet line and one that is very small that I was told was a vent. The old pump had a component that didn’t come with the new pump that had to be moved to the new pump. Not sure what it is, but the small line on the truck fits it and that is where it was on the old pump. I connected it up and of course had no line to go on the return on the new pump and the truck is running. I’m afraid to keep running it if its wrong. I’m baffled. Ive replaced fuel pumps before and never had the both return and out take lines on the pump.

Should be just fine to drive.

Fuel Pump Testing for 1993 MODELS

2.5L/4-151 & 3.0L/V6-181


1. Release fuel system pressure as outlined under”Fuel System Pressure Relief. “
2. Disconnect5-16 inch fuel supply hose from engine fuel line assembly.
3. Connect fuel system pressure tester tool No. C-4799B or equivalent between fuel supply hose and engine fuel line assembly.
4. Activate fuel pump and pressurize the fuel system using the DRB II scan tool.
5. If gauge reads 13. 5-15. 5 psi, pressure is correct.
6. If pressure is not as specified, record pressure, then install pressure tester in the fuel supply line between the fuel tank and fuel filter at the rear of the vehicle.
7. Activate fuel pump and pressurize the fuel system using the DRB II scan tool.
8. If pressure is 5 psi higher than previously recorded, replace fuel filter.
9. When no change is pressure is noted, gently squeeze return hose. If pressure increases, replace pressure regulator. If there is no change in pressure reading, problem is either a plugged pump filter or a defective fuel pump.
10. If pressure is higher than specified, remove fuel return line hose. Connect a three foot hose to the return line. Place other end in a suitable container.
11. Repeat test. If pressure is now correct, check intank return hose for kinking or restrictions.
12. If pressure is still above specified pressure, remove return hose from throttle body and connect a suitable hose to the throttle body and place the other end into a suitable container.
13. repeat test. If pressure is now correct check for a restricted fuel return line. If change is pressure is not observed, replace fuel pressure regulator.
Dec 202018

Jeep Cherokee

There are conflicting reads that my 2019 Jeep Cherokee does/does-not have Rain-Sensing-Wipers. Anyone have access to dealership programmable options to check this out?

It is definitely available on the older Cherokees. I don’t know for certain if it is for the 2019. I wouldn’t think they would discontinue the feature though.  I will post this  so others may have a chance to post if they know different.