Jul 312019

 Toyota Highlander

I’m having an electrical issue. Driving home from work yesterday, my A/C light started flashing. I turned it off then back on and the blower motor and gauges quit working. When I arrived at home and pulled into my garage, I noticed a strong electrical smell. I opened the hood and the smell was even stronger. It seemed to be coming from the area of the alternator…which is about 4 months old.
The only things affected seem to be the gauges, a/c and vent switches and blower motor. Gauge lights work but no speedometer, tach, fuel or temp deflection. Also, only idiot lights that come on are check engine light and VSC….vehicle stability control.
All exterior lights, blinkers, brake and headlights are fine. Radio is fine. Dome lights work, remote fob functions are working.
I checked the 50 amp heater fuse and it shows continuity so guessing it’s okay. I’m comfortable with a meter and with pulling fuses or cables. So, any help would be much appreciated.


Remove the alternator belt and see if the New alternator spins freely or if it is locked up. Next check to see that all connections and wiring from alternator are good and not burnt looking. You may need to check continuity on each wire. Check the alternator to see that it is charging.

Jul 312019

Saturn SC

My car often shakes when I’m on the freeway in a pattern, then stops. Unless I’m using cruise control, then it doesn’t happen at all. What could this be?

Most common reason would be the tires. They can be out of balance or have a busted belt. See if you feel it more in the steering wheel or in the seat. Then rotate the tires front to back and test. If it moves then you know for certain it is in the tires.

Jul 312019

99 Mustang

When driving shifter doesn’t shift into 2nd or 3rd. This is occasional. (quite often but not always) Could my fluid be low? Is there a way to check fluid level if this is the problem? Could it be a linkage issue?


If the fluid is low, yes it may help. But this is a sealed system so generally when the fluid level is low it means the clutch needs replaced. If the fluid level is not low, it can mean the clutch master/slave cylinder needs to be replaced.  If you can change gears when the engine is off, the transmission itself is fine.


Jul 312019


I’m hearing a clicking noise in my transmission. Is it supposed to be there because the bottom of the trans is open I can see the flywheel spinning?

No it is not supposed to. This noise can be common to several things.

  • A rock or piece of debris is lodged near the flywheel/Flex-plate
  • One of the torque converter bolts is loose and rubbing against something
  • The flywheel/Flex-plate is cracked

Example of Cracked Flywheel Noise