Feb 122010

Hi, my friend has a 1999 mercury Cougar that has 140,000 miles on it, first she does not have the money to take it to a mechanic, last month the trans start slipping and it just got worse and now the car drives but after u but the car in D (drive) or R it takes about 1 minute then some times moves drives and sometimes it does nothing means it does not drive at all, the trans OIL is clean and did not need to add, the trans makes a little random noes only when put it in D or R, any idea I know the trans might gone but I just wanna see if that happened to some one before? could it be clutch? might be sensor or some other part in the trans
it’s my friend’s car and she needs help.
any idea or advice might help. and if u really know about cars what is the part name that makes that trans slip or not act properly ??? THANKS

Feb 042010

1998 Saturn sc2. got stuck in snow tried rocking car to get it out didn’t work had to be pushed out. after that check engine light on and when i get to about 40 mph wont go in to overdrive. ran diagnostics came back with code PO734 gear 4 incorrect ratio. what does that mean? do i need a new tranny or are there other things i can do first to try and fix without having to replace tranny?

Dec 292009

Took my straight 6 Cyl 1995 Ford F150 to get Tranny fluid and fliters changed.  Got a clean bill of health, said it had just a bit of metal in the pan  but basically it looked good.     After driving an hour it dump the tranny fluid.  Went back they said this happens at times they added fliuds and resealed with silicone.  Another clean bill of health.  After driving an hour it dumped fluids again.  Now the say the front seal is bad and they need to take the entire tranny out to fix it for $375 dollars.  All this after a maintence change?

Sep 082009

When I start to slow down, the vehicle starts jumping like its hung in high gear and I have to press the o/d off button on my gear shift to stop it. Also,while driving down the road, when I let up on the accelerator the transmission starts jumping.


One of the solenoids or valves in the transmission’s valve body is hanging up . Look at the fluid color ( wipe stick off on white paper) if it is brown instead of bright pink, you can try a filter and fluid service ( make sure to use Mercon V this is full synthetic fluid required in this vehicle) . If the fluid is pretty pink you can try putting an additive called ” Shudder Fix ” ( can be found at auto parts store ) this may be a good thing to try before tearing apart the transmission. You may want to check the  VSS ( vehicle speed sensor to make sure it is sending the proper signals ) also before tearing it apart.Feel free to check out some of the other resources on the website as there may be some helpful information available.