Jun 032011

I have a 2004 Chrysler Sebring. While driving on the highway a transmission line burst suddenly and all of my trasmission fluid leaked out. My car has not started since then. I took it back to the place I purchased it from 6 weeks ago. He said they fix the transmisson line but couldnt figure out why the car would not start, though this is a place where they take apart and put together cars daily. What could the issue be?

Mar 272011

I have a 06 Pontiac Grand Prix it has 128,000miles i just had a rebuilt transmission put in it. But now when driving the car for about a hour when the car gets really good and hot. Its like the transmission is slipping. I took it back to the shop that put in the transmission and they said it`s` the C.Converter i took it to a muffler shop they did a back test on it and said it`s fine.(the converter that is) It makes my Traction Control light comes on. and it`s like the car does really wanna go. To me it really feels like the transmission is slipping cause it jumps alittle. but sometimes when you push the gas paddle it`s like the car wants to take off.The rpm hand jumps up a little every now and then when the car is messing up. But if i park it overnight or for a few hours and let it cool off. and go back and drive again it`s fine.. until it gets really hot again. The check engine light isn`t on. So what is wrong with it?’.

Mar 262011

After driving my 06 grand prix for about a hour or so it starts losing power and like the transmission is slipping. But i just had the transmission rebuilt not even a month ago. But after driving for about a hour its like its losing power and don’t wanna go.. And it makes my traction control light comes on and won’t go off.. When i park the car and let it sit over night or for a few hours it’s fine and the traction control light is off.. And the car drives fine for about nothing hour or so. Why is is doing this?

Mar 062011


I have an Audi A4 1999 1.8 non turbo. I bought the car used 3 years ago with a 3 month warranty. Luckily, or unluckily, the transmission started to show problems within 3 months, with a hugh “kicking” feeling to the whole car. So I sent the car for a repair.

After the repair, it was running great again, but only for a few months. To put it short, the car has been to the repair shop for about 6 – 7 times due to the transmission within my 3 years of using it. All of which are come-back jobs that the repair shop didn’t do a great job for the previous one. I normally do not have to pay for the repairs other than maybe 2 -3 times, which the the repair shop claims that it has nothing to do with his previous job.

Problems that happened ranges from: Kicking feel when a certain gear changes, Not changing gears (lock up), Weak gear (it’s hard to get the car moving), and now (i just got my car back) it suddenly downshifts to 1st gear when the 3rd gear tries to engage 4rd gear.

I would just like to know, is it the repair shop’s problem, my driving (I tend to have a heavy foot), or that my gearbox is actually beyond repair already. And what do you propose to be done, other than selling off the car.


Oct 122010

I have a 1990 firefly automatic, This morning I started my car and it started to putter. I then put it it reverse and nothing and also in drive but nothing. I now can put it into drive and I have to rev it real high just to make it move 5 to 10 kms. Please help me with this problem.