Mar 072012

ive got a 93 Honda accord ex that isw actin all kinds of funky with the transmission.the computer is good the vss is good. it was squealin like the piggy from deliverance till i took the top set of shift solenoids off.when i took them off there was a lil bit of pressure and just a few tiny bubbles that came out from the lower half of the solenoid block.apparently the solenoid unit cannot be disassembled and repaired like the description from a different service site.only a set of screens that could b removed.i put the unit back on and the squealin stopped i proceeded for a test drive only to no avail.i can shut the car off and wait for what sounds like a vacuum diaphragm to release just makes a faint pop i can then start the car and it will drive and shift until i have to stop and go again then it starts actin all funky not wanting to shift again!Im about 100% sure sumthin is just a little restricted and needs to be cleaned out rebuilt and or replaced and im definitely sure i don’t have enuf money for a new trans!the fluid is clean but im suspicious that it was replaced with or topped off with cheap fluid and i kno hondas are finicky as —–!

Feb 162012

I have a 2002 isuzu trooper that has a trans problem. When I would come to a stop then try to accelerate again it has no power . It could be driven like a manual trans and it worked. I took it to a trans shop and he told me I needed a new trans because there was metal shards in the pan, so we had it rebuilt. When he put the new one t and drove it, it is still doing the same thing. He has had our car for a month and still cannot fnd the problem. I really need any feedback I can get. Thanks

Jul 062011

Hi, I am getting ready to replace the clutch in my pickup and was reading through some instructions on how to do so, but I have 2 questions:

1) How do I determine the model of transmission that is in my truck?

2) Once I’ve found that out, this may or may not apply, and if so, I need to figure out what this entails: “If equipped with a NVG 4500 or a ZF S6-650 transmission, and ONLY the clutch disc is to be replaced, the pressure plate and NEW disc must be “reset” back to the “unworn” position.

So this only applies to those 2 types of transmissions, but I don’t know what my truck has in it.

Vehicle info:

2004 Chevrolet 1500

V6 4.3L MFI (LU3) VIN X


VIN: 1GCEC14XX4Z324312



Jul 012011

Today, my 1996 Buick Riviera with supercharger and 120K miles has developed a problem. Both the odometer and speedometer have stopped working. In addition,the transmission is whinning and the car’s performance is poor—poor acceleration and high taching before shifting. I have not checked tranaxle fluid level yet. Any idea what this problem mght be?   In addition, he Check Engine Light is On.  Thanks

Jun 182011

Dear All:  I have a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country with 36,404 miles on it.  Recently the transmission started to lurch between 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears.  I took it to a dealership in Lexington, KY and they have discovered that a selenoid valve was stuck in a closed position.  Luckily this is covered by the Chrysler warranty.  I hope the replacement of the valve repairs the problem.

Jun 072011

I have a 2001 Honda Civic EX, A/T, 156K miles. I was driving recently and the transmission was pulling, then the check engine light came on. When I got to my destination ~3 miles down the road, & tried to back into a parking spot, the car would barely move. It goes into gear but only moves sometimes. The OBDII pulled code P0740 – Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction. What does that mean?

Jun 052011

1993 Infinity G20 automatic 150k
Transmission had been slipping occasionally, happened most often when I would slow down and accelerate again, (say from 50 to 25, and back up again). Then, when accelerating moderately from an intersection, there was a pop/clunk and the transmission was completely disengaged -reverse, drive, park, made no difference. The car rolls in any gear even Park. A local engine mechanic mentioned the linkage and/or bands, and found the transmission fluid was low, said it could have got dry and burned up.