Sep 192013

I recently took my car in for transmiision leak but they wanted too much to repair it. When I picked it up, it made a loud shrill noise when I started it but then went away after it ran. It never did that before. It is almost like there is a missing inspection cover for the trans which I don’t believe it has one. I was wondering if it could be a bad torque converter but the noise does go away after it starts.

May 312013

I had my transmission serviced, less than a 100 miles later it started to slip, checked the fluid and was low filled didnt get any better, 200 miles later it is shot my question is should the mechanic that serviced it have seen any problems

Feb 252013

my passanger side front cv shaft has alot of play in it, where it goes into the transmission. i replaced the cv shaft but it is still has play in it and it pops out of place even after i made sure it locked into the transmission. is my transmission bad or is it a bearing or is my cv shaft bad?

Nov 182012

my transmission lines busted yesterday and afterwards i tried to start vehicle, the ignition wont turn over and cannot push gear shift knob in to move into another gear, yes i applied the brake while performing these actions.

Sep 292012

about 3 months ago our transmission started pouring fluid all over the ground we originally thought that the case got cracked when we hit a pot hole but upon inspection of the tranny by a mechanic and the insurance rep they determined that it was an interior problem and that the crack was bowed out from the gears letting go and bouncing around inside not bowed in like if we hit something and that with out a new transmission its was un-driveable recently we have had to move the car around and my husband found that as long as there is fluid in the tranny (witch pours out pretty quick leaving a trail) that we have all of the gears still and it shifts just fine it seems like all we need to do is get a new case for it but i don’t understand if the gears let go and were bouncing around how the gears seem just fine and it shifts just fine what would you recommend we do

Jul 212012

Can anyone direct me to a good site where I can get info, support, or guidance in a motor swap?

I am transplanting the motor and transmission from a 1992 Buick Roadmaster into a 1988 Cadillac Brougham d’Elegance. Mechanically, a straightforward swap-but I plan on transplanting the fuel injection as well.

The Cadillac currently has the 307-200r4 setup.