Apr 162015

I just replace the transmission in my truck and now it wont start. Replaced the starter and neutral safety switch and she still wont fire or even try to fire up. Anyone have any suggestions?

Apr 012015

Went to drive from a stop and heard clunk then it wouldn’t move. Goes into gear with and without clutch. When in gear it doesn’t move but the CV axles walking in its boot. The axle doesn’t move and the CV joints good. When looking where the axle goes into the tranny there’s two rings that move freely and sloppily. One of them has splines where the axle goes through it. What are those rings? Are they supposed to move or be stationary? And what is a possible cause and solution of this?

Mar 092015

If the tire pressure in my car is low, Is it possible to put a hole in the transmission case by going over railroad tracks, potholes or speed bumps(as a reasonable speed)? I didn’t run over anything other then that, that I can think of. Any other causes for this to happen?

Feb 192015

My Mitsubishi lancer GLX with a 4G18 engine and an automatic transmission .
Has a problem that after driving for about 10 to 15 minuets the car stops driving and the neutral light flashes while in drive and the engine begins pulsating revolution as if rev limiter

Jan 292015

My transmission shifts to reverse with no problem but when i putcit in drive it doesn’t move.after i shift to 1 ican start to drive and shift from 1 to 2 then 3 and then to drive and it works then but when i stop i hve to shift it back to 1 and start over..what could b wrong..thank you

Jan 172015

Transmission does not want to shift from 2nd to 3rd. It will finally shift after a few seconds if I let off the gas pedal at about 40 mph. Then it will shift into O/D okay. No engine light, no error codes.

Jun 202014

Yesterday I lost power on the freeway. Vehicle was towed, by insurance co. per our emergency road service policy to the nearest reputable dealer. Leaking found around torque converter. Pulled transmission today and determined the transmission should be rebuilt because there was a problem with the bushing and repair could not be guaranteed. I’m not sure whether this is a valid diagnosis. Of course to rebuild the transmission iwould cost half the value of the vehicle. I am having a dilemma and need advice.