02 Mercury Grand Marquis LS

Rear brake pad wear pattern. I pulled the rear brake discs from the car. The driver side inside disc pad lining was completely worn out. The outside disc pad lining was in very good condition. Both passenger side disc pad lining were in good condition too. A related issue is the parking brake cable was disconnected on the driver’s side. All four parking brake shoe linings were worn out. I have ordered new ceramic disc pads and hardware. I have ordered new metallic parking brake shoes and hardware. I will have the rotors turned if possible to do so and remain within specifications. Rotors that cannot be machined will be replaced. What can I do to prevent uneven wear pattern issues on the new disc pads?

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  1. From what you have stated, the passenger side is working well and the brake pads are worn nice and even. You are right in the fact that something is going wrong on the drivers side. Since the inside pad is worn and the outside pad is not… this is an indication of a sticking caliper but in the sense that the caliper is not able to move on the slides. The caliper where it meets the mounting surfaces and the slides need to be cleaned and examined for any burrs that might need to be sanded. Make sure all moving parts are lubricated upon re-assembly.

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