Mar 232015

Is the ABS and TC sensor one and the same?

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  1. There are several ABS sensors. each wheel has a hub bearing that has internal speed sensors inside them. The transmission also has a VSS – Vehicle Speed Sensor.

    Not sure what you mean by TC Sensor.. what does “TC” stand for?

  2. TC is Traction Control. What I see is the ABS light on the dash as well as the TRACTION CONTROL OFF. Neither will go off.

  3. The gear shift lever has a button similar to the overdrive button. With this button you can turn Traction Control off. It operates when hydroplaning situations and such. You can turn Traction Control Off if stuck in mud or snow. The problem I have is the Traction Control is off (indicated by the “Traction Control Off” light on the dash. I cannot turn it on, which would make the light go off.

  4. The vehicle does use the same speed sensors to assist the ABS and Traction Control System. If there is an error in the ABS system the Traction control is automatically disabled. The ABS Issue will have to be corrected in order for the feature to work. Most likely one of your Hub Bearings is worn and causing the internal speed sensor to fail.

  5. Thank you very much. That is as I suspected. There is a very slight noise indicating a hub bearing. Now to figure out what side it is coming from. By the way, I have 4 wheel ABS. Traction Control should only be relative to the front drive wheels, correct? Can a faulty rear ABS make the Traction Control turn off?

  6. The Rear should not cause it as much as the front. But if any part of the ABS fails, it will disable the Traction Control.

    How to Diagnose the Noise

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