Jul 122019

2001 Chevy Silverado

Replaced ignition lock cylinder and housing security light came on. Reset the passlock, now it cranks but won’t start. And I still have to take the key in and out and play with it to work even though I have a brand new switch. Also when we shut the door the odometer and battery light stays on. It stays on while driving the battery light.

I am thinking the when you turn the key and it will not crank that may be getting to the starter but not cranking. (bad starter) and it is just coincidental that playing around with the key appears to be the solution to get it to crank. This is assuming the ignition key does not have a chip in it.

The good news is that you can test to see if this is the case. Confirm a good battery ground on the starter. Have someone hold the ignition key in the start position the next time it will not crank. Then check for battery positive at the “S” terminal. If you see battery positive, replace the starter.

The battery light being on while driving would indicate and fault in charging the battery. This can be from a bad cell in the battery, poor connections between the battery and alternator or a faulty alternator.

Jun 272019

2006 Chevy Silverado

2006 Chevy Silverado extended cab, 4×4 5.3L v8 with flex fuel would turn over, but not start or die immediately. Looked online and said to disconnect battery and turn key to run a couple time. Vehicle started after, however windows, AC and radio still do not work. Tried two different BCM’s and did not fix the problem. Also looked for the master fuse, however, even though there is a slot for one, it is not installed. The fuse diagram shows it, however it is outlined in dashes, which I take to mean there may not be one equipped. Am I correct on that? Also any ideas on what else could be causing the issue? Could sure use the advice, it’s my sons truck and he just started working

Fisrt I like to check the each system curcuit for anything that is common.

  • Air Conditioning fuses – hvac 1, hvac/ecas, blwr, IGN E, a/c comp, ign B, stud#1, htr a/c, blower – Ground G203, G200, G104 – HVAC Control Module and BCM
  • Windows only get power from BCM. No fuses involved. Ground- G306, G305
  • Radio – radio fuse, radio amp,  powered thorugh BCM – Ground from G203


So you are right in thinking BCM as this is the common between these systems. The BCM Has several fuses TBC ASSY, TBC IGN 0, TBC IGN 1,  TBC 2C, TBC 2A and TBC BATT

Fuse Location

Inside Panel fuses: TBC 2C, TBC 2A, TBC 2B, TBC ACCY and TBC IGN 0

Underhood Fuse Block fuses: TBC IGN 1 and TBC BATT

May 072019

Chevy Astro

I need to replace the fuel pump. Is there an easy way to do this on my Astro van ?

Sure. Pay someone else to do it would be the easiest way. There are some that will cut a hole in the floor, but I do not recommend it.

To do it yourself you will need to drop the gas tank. This will allow access to the fuel pump module located in the top of the gas tank.

Fuel Pump Replacement

Astro & Safari

  1. Release fuel system pressure.
  2. Empty fuel tank into a suitable safety container, then support tank with suitable lowering equipment.
  3. Disconnect fuel tank attaching straps.
  4. Lower tank slightly, then disconnect all electrical connectors, ground strap and hoses from fuel tank.
  5. Lower fuel tank from vehicle.
  6. Remove sender unit and pump assembly by turning lock ring counterclockwise using cam lock removal tool No. J-36608 and J-24187, or equivalent.
  7. Lift sender/pump unit from tank, then remove pump from sending unit, using caution not to damage the rubber insulator or the strainer.
  8. Reverse procedure to install.

Fuel Pump Replacement Labor Hours

  Model Year Skill Code Factory Time LABOR Time  
FUEL PUMP, R&R          
 Astro, Safari,          
  In Tank …………………………. 1996-00   1.5 2.1  
Does Not Include: Drain & Refill Fuel Tank.
May 032019

 Chevy Malibu

About 3 months ago started acting like no power for about one second then would kick back in. About two weeks ago it started not wanting to shift into 4th gear and after two less than a mile drives since it jerks like a manual first time learning driver shifting into 4th gear (mostly in auto not so much when in manual mode). Once into 5th gear it’s fine as like 1-3rd gears. Just going into 4th. I’m disabled and need to get this fixed doe my weekly doctor’s visits. One mechanic said need new transmission, another said “it’s normal and gas saver lol” which we know that’s not the case if it’s never done it before. Ive read a wave plate or solenoid. Did find one very very very small hose leaked front drivers side lower hose by front quarter panel / bumper area but it’s so minute it’s not low. Don’t want to buy new transmission if not necessary. Thank you for your time. Exhausted Grammy.

The best first course action would be to have the transmission codes read at a Transmission specialty shop. This should tell you the exact problem area. If the transmission fluid color looks good, my guess would be a faulty/sticking solenoid. This is a common failure part that exhibits the symptoms you are describing.

Mar 192019

I changed the head gasket and now there is only one click when i turn the ignition and one more when i release it, I can turn the motor manually and I’ve had both starter and battery tested, what could be the problem.

Most likely problem is the battery. Even though it tested good, it can still be bad. That being said, the first thing I would try would be a NEW fully charged battery. If you have then you can check a couple of fuses. The 250A Battery fuse and the 30A Starter Relay fuse. Then test the relay. And check connections at the starter and battery. Since you get a click I would think the PCM is sending a signal to the relay. You can check that as well if you determine the relay is not activating.

2012 Chevy Cruze Starter Wiring Diagram


Mar 112019


I have a bent rear wheel trailing arm. If it is temporarily removed, is the car temporarily driveable?


Trailing Arm Replacement

  1. Raise and support vehicle.
  2. Remove bolt and nut from trailing arm (6) and knuckle (8), Fig. 1.
  3. Remove nut and bolt from trailing arm (6) and trailing arm bracket, Fig. 1.
  4. Remove trailing arm (6) from vehicle, Fig. 1.
  5. Reverse procedure to install, noting following:

a. Install bolt and nut to trailing arm and trailing arm bracket. Tighten bolt to 77 ft. lbs.

b. Install bolt and nut to trailing arm and knuckle. Tighten nut to 52 ft. lbs.  and turn an additional 65°.

Video shows a Monte Carlo but the procedure is the same.

Mar 102019

Chevy Impala

2 days ago a light on dash flashed Change Engine Oil. When light came on engine developed a severe misfire and lifters started chattering. What is the most likely cause(s),and how much is repair most likely to cost.

Difficult to say without looking at it. Check the engine oil level. If there is no oil detected you may add oil to see if the chattering decreases. Until the issue is narrowed down it would be premature to put a price tag on it.

Understanding an Engine Misfire

Engine Oil Light, Diagnosis & Testing

  1. Understand and validate customer concern. Inspect visible system components for obvious damage or conditions that may cause concern.
  2. Inspect for related bulletins, recall/field actions and preliminary information.
  3. Verify symptom is not exclusively a mechanical concern.
  4. Connect a suitably programmed scan tool, perform vehicle DTC Information function and verify at least one control module communicates with scan tool.
  5. Verify there are no control module Internal hardware performance DTCs set.
  6. Ignition ON, command MIL ON and OFF with scan tool. MIL should turn ON and OFF as commanded.
  7. Ignition ON, command MIL ON and OFF with a scan tool while observing following control circuit status parameters:
    • a. MIL control circuit low voltage test status.
    • b. MIL control circuit open test status.
    • c. MIL control circuit high voltage test status.
    • d. Each parameter should toggle between OK and Not Run or Not Run and OK.
  8. Ignition OFF, disconnect MIL electrical harness connectors. Ignition ON, MIL should not illuminate. If MIL is illuminated, test MIL control circuit terminal for a short to ground. If circuit tests normal, replace cluster.
  9. Ignition ON, connect a 3A fused jumper wire between MIL control circuit terminal and ground. MIL should illuminate. If MIL does not illuminate, test MIL control circuit for a short to voltage, or an open/high resistance. If circuit tests normal, replace MIL bulb.
  10. If all circuits/connections test normal, replace ECM.

1999 Chevrolet Prizm 1.8 engine will not rotate

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Feb 062019

 GEO Prizm








Only clicks when try to start. Rotate engine by hand and it goes a quarter turn and stops in either direction. Any idea what could cause that?

First Remove all spark plugs before trying to rotate the engine by hand. This engine has a timing chain. So if you have recently been working on it, the timing may be off and the piston is hitting the valves. Under normal circumstances this will not occur. If the engine was making a lot of rattling before it stopped running, it is possible that there is an issue with the timing chain guide(2 & 4) or timing chain itself has broken.

timing chain diagram 1999 Chevy Prizm

Dec 092018

2010 Chevy Suburban

Driver side seat will not heat. Is there a quick way to find out what the root of the problem is whether it be in the switch, a fuse/relay, or the heating element itself? I had a local mechanic tell me once I’d be better off finding a new seat in a junk yard than to try to buy parts to fix it. Thought I’d get a second opinion.

When you press the button on the door to activate the heater, the red light does come on but does not heat. The AC part of the seat cooler does work, but the heater part does not. Thanks for your help.

Generally there is a Body Code that will be stored. A Dealership or well equipped mechanic shop should have a scan tool that can pull the codes that will help guide you to the root of the problem without guessing.  No easier way than that.

Example Codes for heated seat malfunction:

Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2345-4B  Seat Heater Elements Current Sensing Calibration Out of Range
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2425-04  Left Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Open
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2425-0A  Left Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Rate of Change Below Threshold
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2425-0B  Left Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Current Above Threshold
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2425-0C  Left Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Current Below Threshold
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2425-0D  Left Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Resistance Above Threshold
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2425-0E  Left Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Resistance Below Threshold
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2425-1F  Left Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Intermittent
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2430-04  Right Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Open
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2430-0A  Right Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Rate of Change Below Threshold
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2430-0B  Right Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Current Above Threshold
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2430-0C  Right Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Current Below Threshold
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2430-0D  Right Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Resistance Above Threshold
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2430-0E  Right Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Resistance Below Threshold
Diagnostic Trouble Codes   B2430-1F  Right Seat Heater Cushion Circuit Intermittent