May 302013

I recently replaced the distributor cap, rotor button in cap as well as changed the coil out. She started fine but after it got hot after initial start it would have a lot of trouble starting even with much cranking. Now it will not start at all. I checked the codes and it comes up P0756 and P0420. I even took off the positive cable from battery in attempt to see if computer resets but I still can’t get ole Betsy to come back to life. Any ideas to try this time?. Thanks. Abert

May 252013

I would like to replace the distributor cap and rotor. Is this a difficult job or straight forward. Is it or will it be necessary to have to unbolt the whole distributor unit from the engine or just simply remove old cap and replace new cap and push on new rotor.

Mar 062013

I recently replaced the air injection check valve/solenoid and my truck stalls when the AC is turned on, I did have the battery disconnected while doing this if that helps.