Mar 102014

Usually it starts fine, and runs approx. 15-20 min., then starts missing and chugging when accelerating. If I slowly apply gas pedal it seems to catch then does accelerate. A little longer and it sputters, lurches. Then it doesn’t want to start. If I wait approx. 30 min. it starts again and go’s through same process.

Feb 072014

I have a 96 gmc Sonoma that I bought with about 83000 on it and now it only has around 86000.  Since I bought it when driving it in OD it has never wanted to stay in overdrive when it gets hot.  It will do just fine when its cold and it will do just fine when you drive it in D but as soon as it gets hot the rpms will go up and down but it is absolutely not slipping im very sure of this.  I have replaced the fluid and filter but that’s about it.  I have transmission experience so if there is any more information I can give you to help me out with this just let me know.  Thank you very much for your help.  The transmission is very very clean like it has been out and possiblely rebuilt but im not for sure about that. Also wanted to add there are no check engine lights or anything on.

Feb 062014

idles fine, from park to reverse or park to drive stalls right out. started a while back driving along needing to engage 4W drive and it would bog down, I would feather the pedal and it would continue to drive. I looked for vacuum line leaks, but couldn’t find any.

Jan 272014

I just had my transmission repaired and picked up vehicle yesterday afternoon. This morning there is HUGE puddle of tranny fluid underneath it. What could this mean?? I paid over $2000 and I am very upset over this. Don’t know if I should take it back to the same repair company to have fixed……(don’t have much confidence at this point) or would it be better to dispute the charge with my credit card company and take it somewhere else?

Jan 112014

I have a 95 GMC g2500 Vandura I have been working on. When it was brought to me it did not have any power and would bog down when accel. I gutted out the converter that was clogged and it still bogged down. come to find out the van had sat for nine years and the gas tank was slam full of rust so the fuel pump, filter, and gas tank was replaced along with a rebuild of the throttle body. The van ran amazing after that but now is running extremely rich and has a code 34 (map sensor) and I cannot figure out what is causing this to run so rich please help… it has a 5.7

Dec 032013

I have a 2000 gmc Sonoma 4.3 with 163xxxmiles on it and I am at my wits end all the sudden it started running really rough missing and backfiring and smells rich when idling so far I have changed cap rotor cam shaft censor crank shaft censor intake gasket set fuel filter cat plugs wires gas spider injectors check compression checked fuel pressure the code reader says random misfire and high voltage b+ ?????? I am out of money and I need my truck been dealing with this for the last 7 months I took bit to a shade tree mechanic and he called me and said “I give up” so I don’t know what else todo but take it to the dealership so if any body could help please

Nov 292013

my 1995 gmc jimmy sputters, backfires then cuts off while driving. After it sits for about 1 to 2 hours it will start back. I replaced the fuel pump and all fuel filters about 2 months ago. I ran fine then started back to cutting off.