Nov 242014

Im installing spark plug wires. I have a good idea what the firing order is and need to know how to tell which spark plug wire goes to which spark plug so its the correct length. I bought the truck with the wrong wires apparently because when matching wires up to replace old ones none of my new wires matched the same length of the old wires. In fact the only wire that was the same length was the coil wire. One wire was visibly different from the rest. It was a red 8mm wire and the rest were all black 7mm gauge wires. So I have no idea what goes where and have been told to just start with the shortest wire first and so on but I am still confused on which run is longer then the next. Would it be helpful top take a measuring tape and go about judging which wire that way? I believe the correct firing order is 165432 clock wise from what I’m reading from other forums, if this is false then please inform me of this. Ok while standing in front of the truck the #1 would be to the right and closest to you, #5 being closest to drivers seat or steering wheel. And on the opposite side near the trucks battery or passenger side the #2 would be closest to you on your left, and #6 being closest to the passenger seat . Please help in desperate need to get this truck running right, broke and started new job and at the end of the line for help on this even autozone couldn’t tell me the firing order and they sold me the wires, wanted to slap the kid.

Aug 192014

Someone tried to steal my 90 GMC and broke the plastic steering column cover to gain access to the ignition mechanism on the left side of the steering column. A part of the starting mechanism was broken and now I can’t turn the key. The key cylinder doesn’t look damaged. I hear these vehicles are easy to steal with only a screwdriver to pull back on the mechanism and then the vehicle starts. Do you think that the damage to the mechanism is causing the key to not turn? I have a replacement kit for the mechanism and cover but not the ignition tumbler. Thank you for your help.

Jun 282014

My check engine light is flashing, it has a miss awful throttle response, you can smell fuel from the exhaust and when the code is ran it shows it has a random misfire I have changed the spark plugs, plug wires and coil packs, could it be the spider injector or a crankshaft position sensor. I don’t want to keep throwing money at it hoping it will fix it. Please help

Jun 042014

I am planning on removing the trans from this vechicle and I see there are two rubber plugs in the underside of the bell housing and underneath the plugs there are two what looks to be 10mm bolts. What are these bolts for or what do they hold in place. Should they be removed before I remove the other bolts and separate the trans and engine. Don’t want to bust something right from the get go.

May 102014

I have a 03 GMG 2500hd 4×4 gas.About 4 months ago it lost power it said loss of engine power. I took it to a local place they replaced the throttle body and excel pedal sensor. A month later it did the same thing and I took it back and they said it as the excel pedal and replaced it. Well it did the engine power loss again and has a surge to it as I’m going down the road around 45 when I get on it, it runs great but around 45 it was surging. I had someone else do a tune up on it. The fuel line was stopped and they told me to take it to the dealership that the computer needed to be reprogrammed, so I did that yesterday. They reset whatever things and it ran great today until this evening and it did the engine power loss again and was doing the surging but this time it was idled up real high until I turned it off and started it up again. Someone told me that it cold be the wire to the throttle body. Can anyone give me some help on what it might be?

Apr 232014

What is the typical current draw for the vehicle off. I currently have a 7 amp current draw and after 3 days of sitting the battery goes dead, I have taking all the fuses out of the fuse box and disconnected the alternator and connected the 2 wires together that came off the alternator, everything is factory and the vehicle has over 150,000 miles the engine runs great, what can be drawing the battery down, I have replaced it with 2 new batteries and the alternator is working correctly
do you have any suggestions