Apr 282015

When I press the brake pedal there is a crunching sound from the front. Sounds like it is coming from the left side. Had a mechanic look at it and they said brake pads needed to be lubed where they slide. The crunching sound is still there every time we use the brakes. I personally checked both sides and all seems fine. Could this be the caliper making this sound? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Trying to avoid taking it to the dealer as they are very expensive, always find something else to charge us for. Thank you very much.

Apr 272015

Acquired from an estate yesterday. It was parked on the street when I got into the truck, started the engine and shifted into drive. Drove it home with no issues at all. Parked it in my inclined driveway (may be an issue) and, with my foot on the brake, I set the parking brake and then shifted into Park. Changed the oil and filter. This morning I started the engine and, with my foot firmly on the brake pedal, tried to shift into Reverse. The shift lever showed essentially no resistance moving down and up, but the shift indicator never moved out of Park. I checked the transmission fluid, not on a level surface, and the level is in the lower portion of the “Cold” area on the dipstick. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be in getting the transmission to go into gear?

Apr 192015

4.3L vortec engine. 6cyl. will not start….Here is what I did to it so far….
lined up the balancer shaft, lined up new timing gear and chain, replaced the harmonic balancer which lines up with the mark on the timing cover, and put a new distributor in and set it on No.6. Now it will not start and I need to know what step I must have missed. After doing all these thing I have stated, am I suppose to set to top dead center and then set the distributor? I am lost at this time and need help.

Apr 172015

when its warmed up it shuts off all new parts from sending unit, Tpsensor, harness wire, etc..

Apr 122015

I needed a new water pump(dripping from hole) so I also replaced the thermostat and radiator cap and flushed the system. Now at hwy speeds it overheats but when I let off throttle the temp. goes down to normal. Also at idle there is no overheating, only at higher rpm’s. Even in very cold weather the overheating occurs at 60-70mph but if I let off throttle and coast the temp drops right back to normal in a few seconds. The temp goes right to red under load after the thermostat opens, and if I stop the temp goes to normal as it should always be. I’ve owned the truck 15 years and never had any cooling problems before. I also do all of my own repairs and feel confident in my installation process.  Could this be a fan clutch causing my problem? Any info would be appreciated.

Apr 102015

brake lights work if i lightly press the bake pedal, if i push all the way down the brake lights fail. i am not a car guy, i have been told to check my ground? i dont know what that means. any help appreciated

Apr 102015

Replaced crank sensor, did crank relearn truck started and ran. Later truck started but cut off immediately. Now it don’t have power to starter. Help

Apr 072015

Whenever i make a right hamd turn a clunking noise is coming from or right around the general area of where my front left tire is amy ideas of what it is and a general idea of how much to fix. Thank you i appreciate your time.