Aug 152015

I’m changing the catalytic converter gasket, the bolts to take it off are round, how would you take them off?

Jul 302015

Temperature Gauge not working. I have tested the gauge to see if it would “ping” out all the way when I ground it to the block. It did, so that should mean the gauge is functioning properly. I have also replaced the Temperature sensor switch with 3 separate ones but still the gauge is not working

Jul 112015

I have a 2009 GMC Acadia. It idles rough when in drive(stopped at lights, etc). I’ve been told the idle air control valve needs to be cleaned. A tech at Firestone told me it is built in to the throttle body and therefore cannot be cleaned, the valve must be completely replaced at a cost of over $500. Is this accurate? Can it not just be cleaned?

Jun 262015

My suv overheats eliminated most head gasket water pump fan clutch replaced caps

Jun 182015

Blinker problems. Car is in park signals work fine when in gear the right turnsignal is engaged and the brakes are applied the brake lights all light up and signals go blank, also the compass in the mirror is either totally blank or flashing moe worried about the signals

Apr 282015

When I press the brake pedal there is a crunching sound from the front. Sounds like it is coming from the left side. Had a mechanic look at it and they said brake pads needed to be lubed where they slide. The crunching sound is still there every time we use the brakes. I personally checked both sides and all seems fine. Could this be the caliper making this sound? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Trying to avoid taking it to the dealer as they are very expensive, always find something else to charge us for. Thank you very much.