Aug 232011

The Chilton’s manual for the range of trucks that includes mine includes a wiring diagram that is supposed to be year specific. This diagram shows a fuse panel marked ‘Horn’ under the relevant slot, when the stock fuse panel is, in fact, marked ‘Horn/DM’.  What does the ‘DM’ refer to, and more importantly, what all is served by this fuse??

I’m chasing a short that has this fuse apparently directly affecting the operation of both my fuel pump and my dome lights that I’m aware of at this point. This short is probably the direct result of wire overheating due to a much nastier short in the rear loom that I just repaired.

Jun 282011

My boyfriend has a ’94 Sonoma and the other day he parked for 10 minutes and came back, and it just wouldnt start. When I try to start it the lights and everything come on, but nothing else happens except for a click.
I checked the ignition fuse, it was fine.
The battery is brand new and I just replaced the terminals, so there’s no corrosion or anything. I also cleaned the ground.
I replaced the starter, because it was in bad really bad shape and I’d been planning to do it anyway, and I was hoping that would fix it but it didn’t.

Any help with troubleshooting would be awesome, thanks in advanced

Jun 232011

I recently got a 94 GMC Sonoma that has been setting for 4 years. The brake pedal went to about 1 inch from the floor with marginal stopping power. I bled the brakes with no change. I then changed the master cylinder and now the pedal goes down about 2 inches with so-so brakes then slowing drifts to about 1 inch from the floor. There are no visible leaks in the system. Any idea what I should do next?

Mar 072011

my 01 yukon is misifiring and cutting out, we just had it at shop and they cleaned injectors ran good for a few days… used to start chuggin at 1/4 tank of gas now it started last night at over a half a tank of gas…. codes p0452 p0131 p0151 p0430 p0307 are coming up now and I am fed up of replacing things and it not being the problem.. any ideas would be greatly appreciated:) We have replaced plugs and wires already and we replaced a coil a bit back, my husband has checked a few things but the shop said that all levels were ok when it was in there but it was also running better then it is now…

Dec 092010

I have a 2005 GMC Seirra with a blown fuel pump. A guy I know has a fuel pump he bought to put in his 1994 Seirra but never did is it compatable i.e. do they cross reference. I have a 4.3L V6 I dont know his engine size.

Dec 092010

i have a gmc suburban and last night it was idled outside of a store for about 15 minutes it was running fine, no prior problems but after sitting it cut off and would not crank well about an hour later i turned it over and fired right up. Got it home and let it sit over night went out this morning fired right up again but after about five minutes of idling it cut off and wouldnt crank again i dunno what to do. has been about 8 hours now and still wont crank.