Oct 292010

  the vehicle 2003 chevy S-10 P/U crewcab 4×4 4.3 liter V-6 automatic with a/c, I replaced the heatercore by removing & replacing the dashboard, went to start the truck & stalled imediately,then the security light came on steady ,tried to reset the security light with the remote and nothing,checked all electrical connections & still nothing.i’m mind boggled & could use some insight on this, i am just about broke and out of work please help. thankyou

Oct 132010

I have a 1997 GMC Jimmy 4X4, my brakes are very hard to push and also makes a hissing noise, even then it doesn’t stop the car, also when you press the brakes all the gauges in the dash move, it also acts like its going to stall? what could be causing this and what can I do to fix it? Or what could be causing this?

Oct 032010

Recently had the water pump changed because it was leaking and shortly after the engine started overheating! It overheats after being driven for a mile or so and will cool down at red lights or if I idle at a stop sign for a few minutes. It gets very hot and stays hot when driven on the interstate (only tried that once). I haven’t been using my AC because I thought it would make things worse but I turned it on yesterday while driving and the car ran perfect no overheating at all! I’m at a loss and need some advice!

Sep 122010

We recently had a problem with our truck not starting.  We replaced the battery, battery cable, iginition switch, starter, and the ignition key switch.  With all of that it now starts.  Our problem now is, it will not shift.  It will shift in accessory, but that’s it.  What happened?

Jul 052010

I have a 1989 V1500 Jimmy, has a 5.7 non vortec head engine. added the comp cams 12-304-4 cam using my tbi set up. The only issue is when idleing the idle drops down and causes a stall or if I pull up to a light to stop it will stall, The engine light comes on showing egr issue, but egr is brand new……

May 132010

I have a 99 GMC Sonoma 4.3 L ext. cab with the ZR2 package. 4 wheel disc brakes. My problem is the right rear brake continually wears out prematurely. I have replaced the brakes twice in the last 20000 miles. The last time I replaced calipers, steel lines, and all three rear hoses, I also flushed out all the brake fluid and refilled with new. Can anyone help me, I need to replace the brakes again.

May 082010

Thank you for that… I have been advised there is a switch or a button around the pedals….to turn the ignition on and depress the button and it will bypass the alarm allowing me to start the car.  I cannot find the switch or button tho….can you advise where this may be.