Handbrake locked up Holden SS Ute VU 2002

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Jul 282019

Holden SS Ute VU 2002

My handbrake locked up with out me touching the handbrake. The vehicle was in motion when it happened.

You will have to remove the wheels and inspect to see if something broke and replace it. Also look to see if you might have run over something. Look for something lodged in between the cable and the vehicle.

Code P0510 Holden Barina xc 2002

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Feb 222017

2002 Holden BarinaCar runs fine but throttle body open and closes once when car switched off.


As long as the car runs fine I don’t think you need to worry to much about it. If the check engine light is on, the diagnostic trouble codes should be pulled.

Code P0510 – Closed Throttle Position Switch Malfunction

The throttle body or linkage on certain vehicles may contain a switch. It indicates to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or Engine Control Module (ECM) when the throttle body is in the closed position. When the throttle body is shut, the switch will be depressed or in the closed position. The PCM uses this switch so the engine will stay at idle in conjunction with the idle air control valve and/or go into a fuel cut mode while coasting.

There may also be a Wide Open Throttle (WOT) switch. If either the WOT or closed throttle switch are not engaged, the PCM or ECM may assume the throttle is partly open which could affect the air/fuel ratio.

Note: If more than one trouble code is present, such as P0120 (TPS/Pedal Position Sensor A circuit Malfunction) – there may be an open in the ground circuit or bad connection at the Throttle Position Sensor TPS).

Code P0510 Possible Solutions

Wiring Harness

Disconnect wiring harness connector at Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) or closed throttle position switch and harness connector at PCM/ECM. Using a Digital Volt Ohm Meter (DVOM) set to ohms scale, connect leads to each end of the same wire using a wiring diagram for reference to test for continuity between the switch and the PCM/ECM. Resistance should be present in the wiring between the switch and PCM/ECM, an infinite reading would indicate an open circuit. Repair open in wiring or replace wire harness assembly.

Closed Throttle Position Switch

Disconnect wiring harness connector at TPS or closed throttle position switch and test for continuity using the DVOM with the leads on the two pins at the closed throttle position switch or the throttle position sensor, depending on the vehicle. Resistance should be present when the throttle body is in the closed position. If the throttle body linkage is not touching or fully closing switch, there may have been an adjustment made to the idle set screw. Re-adjust idle set screw to specifications using factory procedure.

Over Heating Holden Commodore 2006

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Jan 112017

2006 Holden Commodore SV6 VE

Over Heating

My 2006 Holden Commodore VS6 VE is over heating. The top radiator hose came off. Fixed this. Checked this morning run car was fine. Turned AC unit on and within 5 min it started to over heat. Turned AC unit off and she is running fine again.


I would look to see if your high speed fan is working on the radiator. Or if the fan is working at all when the Air Conditioning is turned on. You may have a bad high speed fan relay.

Holden Vectra JS SERIES II 2001 CD

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May 022016

2001 Holden VectraEngine ignition trouble. My Holden Vectra was working fine and suddenly all electrical system failed. After replacing the battery and making sure all cables were connected properly I checked fuses in engine and under steering wheel. I put the key into the ignition and it only switches on the ignition dashboard lights but fails to turn engine over and start. Is this a problem with the immobilizer or is there a simple way of fixing this? all the locking works on the remote etc.


I may in fact be the aftermarket immobilizer. You can check for battery voltage going to the “S” terminal on the starter while someone holds the ignition key in the “START” position. If you see battery positive, replace the starter(this is assuming all ground connections are good). If you do not see battery voltage trace through the Neutral switch back to the ignition switch.



Aug 152015

When I put my gear on D (Drive) a check oil comes on? and it goes off when I put my Gear on N (Natural) whats that?? my car is Holden 2003 SS 5.7 v8, It has an Engine missfiring due to a faulty ECM but I got it fixed. Now I have Check oil comes on when I put my gear on D. Can you help me please? I really want to know whats that might be before I go and see a mechanic because I don’t want to get fooled. Thanks !!!

May 232011

Hi. I own a 1998 Holden Barina Swing, 1.4L, 5 speed manual. And have recently had difficulties changing gears. Sometimes I really have to force it into gear, others it moves smoothly. and also when the car is off it moves smoothly between the gears. Any idea as to the cause of this problem?