Apr 262019

2011 Dodge Dakota

I recently had my front bearings and alignment done at Les Scwabb. Tires rotated and balanced too. Yet, when I drive my truck, ever so often, there is a sound like when ones drive over the grooved pavement on the freeway. Is that the 4×4 transfer case trying to engage while driving?

You may find that the noise happens more often when slowing down or turning. Noises can be difficult to narrow down. While accelerating or decelerating may be an indication of differential pinion bearings going out. While turning may indicate a hub bearing going out. Have not heard of the 4×4 transfer case trying to engage by itself.

Apr 242019
KIA Sedona

If the 3.5liter motor is out of time will that give you a false reading for a blown head gasket ?… In other if pressure check is taken on a motor out of time will 1 or 2 cylinders have low pressure reading?

Q.2 What are the possibilities that all 24 valves on a 3.5 liter engine be bent from one day to the next

Yes an interference engine such as the 3.5L DOHC can give a low compression reading that can cause a false diagnosis. This is cause by the valves being open at the wrong time and or bent.

The possibility of all the valve being bent are high if the car died while driving. This happens quite often when a timing belt breaks. The engine is already turning at over 1,500 rpm and internal parts continue to spin out of time with no belt to keep them in time. The valves hit the pistons and bend.

Apr 242019

Hyundai Sante FeI have a 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe V6 recently bought. I was told the driver side window master switch needed to be replaced. So I bought a certified used one. Put it in and the windows are still not working. None of the windows will work in fact please help????

Power Window Won’t Work

First thing to do would be to confirm power is getting to the master switch you just installed. The old one may not have been bad either. Battery positive gets tot he power window master switch through a fuseible link and a power window relay. Use the provided power window wiring diagram below for reference.

2006 Hyundai Sante Fe Power Windows Wiring Diagram

2006-hyundai-sante-fe-power-windows wiring diagram

Apr 232019

2003 Lincoln Town Car

Spark plug has no hex sides how do I remove from car?

The spark plug had hex sides to begin with. I am guessing there is something blocking you from seeing them or something in the way. Only other possibility would be if they got rounded and this happens from trying to use the wrong tool. In this case you may need to use a special spark plug removal tool or improvise. You’ll see in the video the use of Quick Steel. Try at your own risk.

Apr 212019

2005 KIA Sorento

Hi. When I press gas pedal by increasing rev 3000, my car radiator upper hose start swelling. Could please help to get answer

This sounds like there may be excessive pressure building in the cooling system. A couple of things to check would be the hose, coolant fill cap, the thermostat and the actual system pressure. If the cooling system fill cap is faulty it would no longer allow pressure relief as it normally would. If the hose is soft it would be an indication that the hose is worn and needed to be replaced. Testing the cooling system pressure to make certain it is not way over the fill cap pressure limit. The normal limit would be around 17 psi. A much higher pressure would indicate cylinder compression leaking into the cooling system. Finally a sticking thermostat would cause a higher than normal pressure on the upper hose.

Apr 192019

1997 Nissan Altima

We bought a used car standard trans 3 months ago and its been running fine. No problems what so ever. Then tonight we went out to the store (3 mins from house) and now it wont start. We tried pushing the clutch in and out several times and nothing. We were able to jump it and the gears worked great on the way home. The trans or clutch has never shown signs of slipping or anything. What could cause this?

Nothing at all wrong with your clutch. The problem is with the battery. Either something was left on and ran the battery down or the battery has gotten old and weak. Replacing the battery would, in most cases, fix the problem.

Fans not coming on 2012 Subaru Outback 4 cylinder

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Apr 102019


My car smells like its overheating but not steaming. Fans are not coming on. tested it last night and after about 30 min of running and reving it up, it blew a little steam out radiator cap. I am not getting warning lights on the dash at all. I tested all fuses and relays to the fans. could it be thermostat? why would fans not work?

First you may want to use an external infrared thermometer. Aim it at the engine block and check the temperature. This will prove if the engine is overheating or not. If the engine is not warm enough the fan will not come on.

Fans not coming on

The Engine cooling fan is controlled by the ECM. The ECM uses an Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor signal to decide when to turn the fan on and off. I the coolant level is low the sensor will not be able to read the correct temperature. So first thing to do would be to check the coolant level. If the coolant level is low, find out why and make the necessary repairs.

Apr 042019


I delivered my vehicle (41,000 km) to the dealership to replace the rear wheel bearings. After 3 days they advised that the right rear output shaft needs to be replaced…no explanation of how it was damaged. Is it possible this was damaged during the wheel bearing replacement?

Anything is possible. You should be able to go to the dealership and request that they show you the part that needs to be replaced. Ask them to explain what is wrong with it. Then ask what would happen if you didn’t replace it. Finally make your decision on whether or not to have it replaced.

Apr 012019

 Lexus ES300

Car was throwing knock sensor codes P0325 and P0330. Check engine light on. Car radio intermittently goes off then comes back on and when that happens dash lights will sort of flicker and if headlights are on, they will turn off then comes right back on. Replaced both sensors and wiring harness. Found a rats nest underneath the intake manifold. After replacing sensors and harness, codes are still there but with them are now P0171 and P0420.

I would start by looking at all the wiring at and around the area you found the nest. Then look around other areas specifically around the ECM wiring harness. I think the P0171 is being caused by an intake leak and at the same time influencing the P0420 code. I have added the code information below.

Lexus Code P0325 & P0330 Diagnostic Procedure

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Lexus Code P0171 & P0172 Diagnostic Procedure


Lexus Code P0420 Diagnostic Procedure