Dec 052015

2007 Suzuki Reno
I have a 2007 Suzuki Reno. I think it needs a tcu. Do I have to take it to the dealer if I buy a used tcu for reprogramming?

Aug 122015

i have check engine light on so i wanted to know the codes on it problem is when you plug the scanner in it wont show any codes it comes up as its not plugged in or no power to device i was told by auto zone to check both ecm fuses but both are good what else would cause this?

Feb 032015

Need help trying to figure out why it starts normal and idles normal but as soon as I put it into reverse or drive it stalls. Also the slip control light is continuously flashing even though the truck won’t run when in gear. Battery went dead but it’s fully charged now. I cleaned the maf sensor whith the crc maf cleaner.any suggestions on the cause

May 202014

started smoking really bad when u shift into 3rd gear. will smoke for a few seconds and stop smoking. using oil. does not smoke most of the time but if u sit and idle for a few minutes it will smoke reallllllyyyy bad around 3rd gear.