Jan 262018

Vauxhall Astra

Hi, Are you able to tell me the best type of spark plug to use for my astra?

Spark Plug Change – Vauxhall Astra

If this is a stock engine, I recommend using OEM replacement spark plugs. Original Equipment spark plugs are designed to work the best.

If your looking for a performance spark plug you may want to try a good set of Bosch or NGK spark plugs.

Bosch spark plugs

Jan 262015

why is my car stalling every time i put it in reverse. i’ve changed the fuel filter but this has not helped. any solutions would help. could it be the reverse lights are shorting the engine out?

Jun 092014


I have the Vauxhall Astra 1.8 16V SXi 3door Hatchback 2001.

Recently I have noticed the car seems to be holding back quite a bit. When I try putting my foot to the floor, at about 40-70mph the car holds back and doesn’t accelerate as it should, then all of a sudden it kinda starts to pick up. It feels like sticking points. It doesn’t seem as quick as it was when I 1st got it either.

I have done a few things to try to troubleshoot the problem with no avail. Here’s what I’ve done:

Oil change.
Replaced oil filter.
Replaced air filter.
Changed spark plugs.
Replaced coolant.
Cleaned butterfly valve with throttle cleaner.
Replaced fuel filter.
Added valve cleaner to fuel.
Added petrol cleaner to fuel.

Yet all this has made no difference whatsoever to the problem. Besides a general service, my mechanical knowledge is sketchy to say the least, so I’m a little stumped.

Can anyone possibly offer me any assistance to what the problem may be?

Many thanks.


Jan 112014

How do I replace the indicator/main headlight beam stalk? I need to dismantel the cover round the steering column. 3 retaining screws are removed from underneath the column but the cover only partially unclips. How does the cover completely split apart so that I can get to replace the indicator/main beam stalk?

Jul 262013

I replaced my headlight bulbs recently. The drivers side went in ok, but the passenger side took a little longer and unfortunately i started to take out the whole unit until I realised that you could just remove the fuse box in front of the battery then replce the bulb, but, in doing so have now ralised that the O/S Headlight beam is a lot higher then the drivers side. Therefore, I would like to know if you can adjust these without going to a garage. Thank You

Nov 192012

car was accident damaged rear passenger door needs replaced and rear 1/4 is badly damaged 2 experts have said to replace pannel and weld in new pannel 2 have said it would be better repaired as newly welded pannel may cause extra rattles in future what would be best they have all agreed it is 50/50 decision