Dec 192011

i have a 98 blazer i was driving it last night and the oil cooler line blew and the check guages light came on oil pressure dropped to zero and the truck lost power and shut off.. i rolled it into a parking lot and got the line fixed and filled back up with oil and now the truck will not start… i changed the battery out thinking it was that then changed the starter relay out as well the truck just makes one solid click noise

Sep 012011

2000 chevrolet blazer will start and run if starter fluid is sprayed into air intake. if it is turned off it will not restart without starter fluid. it was running fine after a new fuel pump , fuel pressure sensor , and distributor cap and rotor.

what could be wrong ?

Jun 302011

I have a 2002 Chevy Blazer 2 door, 4.3lt engine. It has been stalling out on me, and when it stalls the ignition won’t turn and I can’t get it out of park. I just had the fuel filter replaced, could it be the egr valve, or what do you think?