Jan 172015

When placed in reverse as I try to back up car shakes really bad from back end like the wheels are locked. But there is no brake on

Jun 132013

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!4×4 chevy blazer has a situation of crank but no start. i tried to fix it. replaced the crankshaft position sensor and set the time of the distributor. replaced the coil pack, replaced the distributor cap and button. spark plugs are good, battery good, fuses are good. good fuel flow. computer diagnostic shows no codes.


Jun 112013

my blazer is a 2000 zr2 and it has new fuel pump new fuel filters but yet its cutting out acting as though its starving for gas shutting off if the a/c is on sometime too.. idling smooth but sometime as I pull out from a light or stop sign it does the jerking thing and acts as if its starving for fuel.

Oct 242012

in the past I have a check engine light,O2,gas cap,manifold,:I had change O2, gas cap, spark plugs, fuel filter,I gas low in fuel, filed up in a gas station, (engine light never went off). The blazer started acting up, found myself on the side of the road not long after, it was like it has very low fuel, two day after i ad a fuel treatment just in case if have some water, didn’t help, empty the gas tank clean the injectors, but still doesn’t help, 4 weeks after we ad new clean gas started for a moment but doing all over again. lots of white smoke came out from the pipes this time, what is my problem please help me to fix it, need my blazer.

Apr 102012

I have been working on the engine in my blazer for a few weeks now. I started by getting a crank kit to put in it and replaced all the gaskets when I put the engine back together. I got everything put together and set the timing and got it started. I noticed that after I started it that I have a slight knock coming from somewhere on the driver side of the engine. I first thought it was from the fuel pump but I removed it and started the engine while it was off and still had the knock. The pistons and ring are in good condition the valves and push-rods look good. I adjusted the rocker arms to specifications listed in my Chilton manual. I am currently waiting on a rebuilt carburetor to arrive because mine sat for awhile and doesn’t want to work properly. My question boils down to what can be causing the knock in my engine.