Ticking Noise coming from Engine 98 Dodge Stratus 2.4l

Does my car have hydraulic lifters? If not how can I fix a ticking noise coming from the engine? It’s not low on oil I am using synthetic it is due for a change but hasn’t gone over since I’ve owned it. Has 78,900 miles

Dodge Stratus

Your engine is equipped with hydraulic valve lifters and do not require periodic valve lash adjustment. Proper adjustment is maintained automatically by hydraulic pressure in the valves.

If the lifter fails this is known as a “collapsed lifter”, it can be replaced. At this point the camshaft should be inspected to determine if the cam lobes are worn and in need of replacement as well.

Camshaft and Bearing Inspection

  1. Thoroughly clean all parts. Inspect the camshaft journals for scoring. Check the oil feed holes in the cylinder head for blockage. Check the camshaft bearing journals for scoring. If light scratches are present, they may be removed with 400 grit abrasive paper. If deep scratches are present, replace the camshaft and check the cylinder head for damage. Replace the cylinder head if worn or damaged.
  2. If the camshaft lobes show signs of wear, check the corresponding rocker arm roller for wear or damage. Replace any rocker arms/hydraulic lash adjusters which are worn or damaged. If the camshaft lobes show signs of pitting on the nose, flank or base circle, replace the camshaft.1998-dodge-stratus-camshaft-inspection
    1. Camshaft end-play should be checked using the following procedure:
      1. On the DOHC engines, oil the camshaft journals and install the camshaft WITHOUT the camshaft follower assemblies. Install the rear camshaft bearing caps and tighten to 250 inch lbs. (28 Nm). On the SOHC engines, oil the camshaft journals and install the camshaft WITHOUT the rocker arm assemblies. Install the camshaft position sensor and tighten the screws to 85 inch lbs. (9.6 Nm).
      2. Carefully push the camshaft as far rearward as it will go.1998-dodge-stratus-camshaft-end-play
          1. Set up a dial indicator to bear against the front of the camshaft (the sprocket end). Zero the indicator.
          2. Move the camshaft forward as far as it will go. Read the dial indicator. End-play specification is 0.002-0.010 in. (0.05-0.15mm) for DOHC models, and 0.005-0.013 in. (0.13-0.33mm).
          3. If excessive end-play is present, inspect the cylinder head and camshaft for wear; replace if necessary.

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