Dec 182015

The door lock broke and i changed it . I don’t have the button for the alarm… After I changed the lock my car is in double lock down mode.. How do I get it to disengage

Nov 262015

2003 BMW 530
Changed fuel filter, car was fine for bout half hour then it made a loud bang noise started smoking and now engine wont start.

Nov 222015

1991 BMW E30
Question 1) My Car wont seem to turn over! I can hear a faint clicking sound (1 time each time I try) and all the power stuff works ie; windows, wipers,lights,etc.) but it still wont turn over….

due to it not turning over this takes me to…..

Question 2) When my car is shifted into neutral and the E-Brake is off I am able to push the car forward or wherever it is I need to move it! as soon as I try putting it into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. and pushing the clutch pedal all the way down it does not want to move

Oct 052015

bmw-7-seriesHey I have a BMW 750li . My passenger rear wheel grinds when I make a right or a left turn . I turn right ,It will grind for about two seconds and then pops into place….. Then no more noise . Then i will ride for a while and I turn left again ,it will grind for about two seconds then pops into place.then no more noise …..I find it funny because I thought the rear wheels were not supposed to turn just go straight.any help is appreciated

Sep 162015

Hi there recently bought car,I have had to put in three bottles of water that was boiled before let go cold,into the radiator in unsure if its going to b dear to fix be fore we tied in to keeping it,

Jul 052015

I bought a 325I recently and the day I bought it it dies in the driveway. I called the place I bought it from and they said I just needed to jump it and let it run for a while and I did. It finally started up properly but after a couple of weeks meaning today I started it up in the morning to some heavy putting while wawrming up. I went to the store and when I came back out it wouldnt start. I tried having it jumped with another car but the ac and lights were the only thing to turn on with it clicking trying to start. What could it be?

May 222015

I took my car into BMW service recently because my rear view camera wasn’t working properly. I left it there for 2 days. On day 2 I get a call telling me that me that upon inspection of the car they found that I have a broken front axle and suspension! They say it must have been cause by a pothole. The car, besides the camera, was running fine. I didn’t have any trouble with the handling or performance at all. Is it possible that I hit a pothole and I wouldn’t have known I caused this damage or is something fishy going on?