Jun 272016

1983 BMW 320iMy car keeps having abs issues, the handbrake abs and DTC dashboard lights come on. I have on some occasions lost speedometer also, everything clears when I turn car off and start again. I have replaced the speed/abs sensor and it stopped for a while but is now back with vengeance, every drive it comes on, if I leave the DTC control on, after a while of driving it starts to jolt and if I attempt to accelerate it dies and I can’t pick up speed again. If I hold the DTC button for a few seconds and then drive I never have the jolting issue, just over time all 3 lights come on again. It broke down on me and it wouldn’t let me accelerate past 20 like it was in limp mode but was no dashboard lights for this present. After 3 hours of recovery not turning up I had enough and tried my car and it was fine all the way home (50 miles). Now my question I’ve read the wheel bearing has a magnetic strip one side and that is what the abs sensor reads, could mine have perished and once warmed up start to stick so it would appear the wheel isn’t moving and throw all these faults at me? I have a diagnostic tool and all faults point at rear left abs sensor.


Sounds like the Diagnostic Scantool is pointing you in the right direction. Each time the car is started it runs a check to see if everything in the abs system is functional. If at anytime one of the sensors fails it will illuminate the lights and discontinue to function properly. If you let me know what the year of the vehicle is I may be able to find some common failure issues.

Mar 102016

BMW battery replacement and registration
My ex took her BMW to a local mechanic for a alternator replacement. She also had the BMW battery replacement done. They took care of the alternator and battery replacement, but now the window doesn’t go up or down, the dash board lights are not lit, the auto rear view mirrors don’t work, and the turn signals don’t operate. I don’t know much about BMW, but I know from what I’ve read on forums, it’s might have to do with reprogramming. She brought back to the mechanic and he seem defensive when I asked him about registering the battery. He was screaming and said that the vehicle has a lot of miles and that he would have to look at it further. Which to me doesn’t sound like he knows what his talking about. Perhaps someone can help me cause I am at my limit with this.


BMW battery replacement does ask for registering to prolong the life of the battery. However, if the new battery is not “registered” the car will run and the battery will charge. This would have no impact on the windows or lights.  I would look for a blown fuse or two.

The car was brought to the mechanic shop not running at all (I assume). Installed a new battery and alternator. Car runs and they return it to the customer. The mechanic was not asked or paid(I assume) to look at the window or turn signal operation.

If these items were functioning fine before the BMW battery replacement was needed, there is the possibility of a fuse being blown or something around the same time. Especially if anyone tried to jump start the car.

Since the BMW battery replacement was performed it is the right thing to return to the mechanic shop with your concerns. I can say polite manners go a long way on both sides of the counter.

BMW Battery Replacement registration

Most all of today’s BMW models have adaptive charging and power management systems. Part of this management is monitoring the battery’s capacity and its charge and discharge profiles. When a battery is changed, the power management system needs to be run through a diagnostic cycle in order to properly recognize (register) the different battery and the different capacity, charge and discharge profiles.

If the new battery is not “registered” the vehicle will run and the battery will charge. However, in the long run, the life of the battery will likely be compromised due to improper charging parameters.  There are no DIY tools available for your to perform the registering yourself.  You will need to see a BMW dealer or an independent shop that has the proper tools to diagnose and program the late model BMWs.

How to Register a BMW Battery

The electrical system in a BMW car is complex. BMW set things so that you will have to take your car to the BMW dealership if you need to replace the battery; the new battery must be “registered” with the car’s computer or it will have a shortened life span, not power your car properly and not receive proper charging from your car’s electrical system. Registering the battery is the phrase used to describe resetting the car’s computer so it will accept the new battery and work properly with it. Like I said above, you can skip registration but may expect a shorter battery life.

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Dec 182015

The door lock broke and i changed it . I don’t have the button for the alarm… After I changed the lock my car is in double lock down mode.. How do I get it to disengage

Nov 262015

2003 BMW 530
Changed fuel filter, car was fine for bout half hour then it made a loud bang noise started smoking and now engine wont start.

Nov 222015

1991 BMW E30
Question 1) My Car wont seem to turn over! I can hear a faint clicking sound (1 time each time I try) and all the power stuff works ie; windows, wipers,lights,etc.) but it still wont turn over….

due to it not turning over this takes me to…..

Question 2) When my car is shifted into neutral and the E-Brake is off I am able to push the car forward or wherever it is I need to move it! as soon as I try putting it into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. and pushing the clutch pedal all the way down it does not want to move

Oct 052015

bmw-7-seriesHey I have a BMW 750li . My passenger rear wheel grinds when I make a right or a left turn . I turn right ,It will grind for about two seconds and then pops into place….. Then no more noise . Then i will ride for a while and I turn left again ,it will grind for about two seconds then pops into place.then no more noise …..I find it funny because I thought the rear wheels were not supposed to turn just go straight.any help is appreciated

Sep 162015

Hi there recently bought car,I have had to put in three bottles of water that was boiled before let go cold,into the radiator in unsure if its going to b dear to fix be fore we tied in to keeping it,

Jul 052015

I bought a 325I recently and the day I bought it it dies in the driveway. I called the place I bought it from and they said I just needed to jump it and let it run for a while and I did. It finally started up properly but after a couple of weeks meaning today I started it up in the morning to some heavy putting while wawrming up. I went to the store and when I came back out it wouldnt start. I tried having it jumped with another car but the ac and lights were the only thing to turn on with it clicking trying to start. What could it be?